5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in 2019

Earth Day, April 22nd, is the day we turn to Mother Earth and tell her we love her. It’s also the day we recommit to protecting the environment, being kinder to our planet, and celebrating all the ways nature has been good to us in our lifetime.

Needless to say, April 22nd is one of our favorite days. We’re always looking for ways to celebrate Earth Day (gardening, skiing, reusing grocery bags, etc.), but we make a special effort on Earth Day to love the Earth a little more. Join us this year as we celebrate nature and all the happiness it brings to us!

Here are 5 amazing ways to celebrate Earth Day this year.

1. Plant a garden

Child planting a garden for earth day

Planting plants is good for the environment! By planting a garden, you’ll counteract the constant urbanization and industrialization happening today. Plus, you’ll be offsetting the food miles, pesticides, improper farming methods, and the many other effects of big-scale food production.

Most importantly, though, you’ll be growing awareness of the earth — especially of its unique natural processes. Invite your friends and children into your garden. Growing gardens means growing gratitude for Mother Earth.

2. #changeyourway

Celebrating Earthday While Gardening

If we’re going to save the Earth, it means we need to do something different. One of the best ways to celebrate Earth Day is to decide to #changeyourway. That means giving up certain habits in exchange for something better and bigger.

Decide to minimize trash, limit ordering takeout that’s delivered in plastic, use a refillable water bottle, or take your own grocery bags to the store. Every change makes a difference — big or small.

3. Educate Yourself

Child Celebrating Earth Day
Blond toddler girl with big blue eyes praying.

Climate change is quite a controversial topic in the world right now. But one thing we can all agree on is that the Earth is important! So rather than tell you what to believe, we’ll let you figure it out yourself.

One of the best ways to celebrate Earth Day is to educate yourself. Whether that means reading up on Nasa’s information about climate change or watching the new documentary series on Netflix (Our Planet), show Mother Earth your love by learning a little something about her.

4. Host a Family Picnic

Child with a Gardenuity Container Garden

Or go skiing, or take a hike, or sunbathe by the pool. In other words, just enjoy the earth! At its core, Earth Day is not about protecting the environment — it’s about celebrating nature. So get outside and enjoy it!

5. Instagram a Thank You


One of the most vital ways to love the Earth more is to increase awareness of the Earth. So don’t be afraid to send a public social media “thank you” to Mother Earth on Earth Day. The more people we get talking and caring about nature, the better. Tag it #thankyoumotherearth and join us in the movement!

Happy Earth Day, dirt lovers! Join us in the celebrations by growing with us.

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