5 Thanksgiving Tablescape Tips for an Elegant Feast

Before you know it, you’ll be sitting down with loved ones on Thanksgiving Day to platefuls of delicious veggies, good conversation, and that ever-famous cooked turkey. So, it’s time to talk your Thanksgiving tablescape.

Here are 5 Thanksgiving tablescape tips that’ll set the scene for an elegant and joyful feast.

thanksgiving tablescape

1. Low and Wide Centerpiece

Every dining table deserves a centerpiece — especially on an occasion like Thanksgiving. But no one wants a centerpiece that hinders conversation or obscures the face of the person across from you.

So for your Thanksgiving tablescape this year, keep your centerpiece wide and low. Put some widespread greenery across the center of your table or scatter candles and red apples across a linen runner.

2. Go Casual

Although we certainly love Thanksgiving food, the most important part of holiday dinners by far is a good conversation and quality time. Keep your Thanksgiving tablescape informal this year. You can still pull out your nicest china — just keep it simple. Establishing a more casual atmosphere will encourage your guests and loved ones to relax and enjoy the night with you.

3. Rely on Green

Nothing complements fall colors like a touch of natural green. Boxes of beautiful herb plants as a centerpiece or harvested herb leaves spread across the table lends a stylish and elegant flair to your Thanksgiving tablescape. Bonus points if you use the herb in your dishes, too!

herb thanksgiving tablescape decor

4. Bring Nature to the Table

Fall is such a beautiful time outdoors, so why not bring nature inside this Thanksgiving? Our favorites for tablescape décor include red apples, pears, white pumpkins, and gourds. Scatter them across the table or create elegant combinations with your herbs. Your guests will ooh and ahh over your decorating prestige.

5. Be True to Your Tastes

The final and more important rule of a good tablescape: discover your decorating taste and be true to it! Search around on Pinterest, find what you think looks beautiful, and make it happen — whether that’s simplistic with creams and linens or ornate with the deep, rich hues of fall. Don’t worry about whether it looks impressive. It goes without saying, but you’ll be happier with a Thanksgiving tablescape you absolutely adore.