5 Reasons Why You Should Plant a Patio Pepper Garden

Growing peppers is simple and brag-worthy – once you grow one, you will be hooked and want to grow every kind of pepper available. From mild, to hot, to super-hot – our fascination with peppers continues to grow. Between 1980 and 2020, Chile pepper consumption increased more than 2X, from three pounds to seven pounds per person according to the New Mexico State University’s Department of Agricultural Economics. Our fascination with spicy has transcended from a culinary choice to daring challenges and a relentless pursuit of the spicy treat.

One of our favorite summer gardens is the SOME LIKE IT HOT garden. It is a simple way to grow lots of peppers right on your patio. The Some Like It Hot garden comes with fully rooted pepper plants and seasonal herbs, custom blended soil, plant nutrients, and a season of Grow Pro Perks. Plus, an invitation to a cooking with peppers virtual class.

So, bring home the heat this summer with our Some Like It Hot patio pepper garden.

Here are five reasons why you should plant a patio pepper garden:

  1. Bragging rights. It is always fun to say “I grew that” and share your pepper harvests with friends.
  2. Culinary versatility. From spicy cocktails to salsa and stir-fries your harvests will add a depth of flavor to your favorite recipes.
  3. Healthy benefits. Hot peppers are delicious and packed with nutrients and health benefits. Rich in vitamins A and C, improved metabolism, and can help reduce inflammation.
  4. It’s easy. Growing hot peppers is simple, they are quick to mature, adaptable to our ever-changing weather, and low maintenance.
  5. Aesthetic appeal. Peppers are colorful, grow in abundance, and add a visual appeal to your outdoor space.