5 Nutritious Pizza Toppings for the Healthiest Pizza Ever

Nutritious Pizza Toppings

Pizza is a notoriously unhealthy dinner option, but does it have to be? Not if we have it our way. Turns out, healthy pizza is a thing — you just have to choose the right nutritious toppings! Veggies that come from the garden are the absolute best way to make sure you’re getting your nutrition needs and they work just as well atop a good old pie.

Here are 5 nutritious pizza toppings that come straight from the garden and will make your pizza night a night of healthy choices and extreme flavor.

1. Red Peppers

These super veggies bring big flavor and major nutrition to your pizza. With nearly 200% of your daily vitamin C intake and tons of antioxidants, red peppers are a great choice to bring a unique touch of sweetness to your pizza.

PRO TIP: Cook the peppers in a pan first to fully realize their exciting flavor. Be sure to slightly undercook them — they’ll continue to cook in the oven.

2. Garlic

For maximal flavor and minimal calories, garlic is your best friend. In a serving of garlic, there’s almost no calories and so much flavor, you’ll have to watch your breath (in the best way). Just add a touch of this to your pizza to elevate your homemade pie. The best part? Garlic goes with everything! So no matter your other pizza choices, garlic is a good choice.

3. Tomatoes & Basil

Tomatoes & Basil Plant

Is there anything better than a classic Italian pie? This time, skip the pre-made tomato sauce and just load your crust with sliced tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella. So much flavor comes through when you keep it simple. Plus, there’s way less sugar and preservatives in this version!

Fresh tomatoes are a great source of fiber, vitamin C, and potassium while basil contains good amounts of vitamin A (for your eyesight!) and magnesium.

If you want to grow your own fresh pizza toppings like Tomatoes & Basil make sure to check out our garden kits! They come with a grow guarantee & assistance from our Grow Pro team to coach you to a successful harvest.

4. Arugula

Arugula is the slightly peppery herb with divine flavor and extreme health benefits. Choose arugula for your pizza if you’re interested in upping your calcium and folate intake. Heads up meat lovers! Arugula pairs very well with toppings like prosciutto and sausage.

Try this arugula pizza recipe if you’re looking for a fresh homemade option.

5. Jalapeños

Jalapeno Healthy Pizza Toppings

Heat chasers, this one’s for you. Jalapeños are absolutely delicious atop pizza — especially when they’re freshly harvested. Cut through the heat with a sweet balsamic glaze or a bit of cheddar cheese. The big bonus? Jalapeños may stimulate weight loss. That’s a pizza night win if we’ve ever known one.

Here are a few quick tips to get growing your very own Jalapeno’s.

These nutritious pizza toppings are perfect for any pizza night. Whether you’re dining classy or out of a cardboard box, top your pie with fresh garden veggies. You’ll enjoy your meal, even more, knowing you’re eating something healthy and tasty.

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