Brie’s Quick Tips: Jalapeño Peppers Edition

Brie is our VP of horticulture and resident plant expert. Her growing know-how is unparalleled and often, her advice is just the info you’re missing. Right now, Brie is growing our Jalapeño Hot Peppers. Here are her quick tips for Jalapeño growing success.

Brie's Tips: Jalapeño Peppers

When growing Jalapeño peppers, grow it on the dry side! Peppers like HEAT and DRY soil, and they probably need less water than you think. They’re also major sun-bathers, so choose a location with tons of sun.

Whatever you do, don’t let them freeze. No pepper thrives in cold weather. If you get a cold front, roll your jalapeños indoors.

Ripe jalapeños are about 4-6 inches long, fat, firm, and have a bright sheen. You can pick them as soon as they’re green OR wait until they turn red—the red ones are sweeter!

Shop jalapeño peppers here and let us know how it’s growing! If you need more growing advice, don’t hesitate to contact us. @gardenuity.

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