3 Small Space Decorating Tricks For Your Patio or Balcony

Small Space Decorating tricks
Your outdoor space can quickly become your favorite room at home.

Some of us have massive ranch houses on farms, full of spaciousness and light. Some of us have tiny apartments in urban areas with cramped storage spaces and one person kitchens.

However much space you have inside, this is the season that your outdoor space feels fresh and new. The good news?

You can make any outdoor space — no matter how small — feel like home.

Here are 3 small space decorating tricks we love and use to make our patios feel calm, happy, and as spacious as possible.

Outdoor Plant Decor
Planters of any color bring that added punch to your outdoor space.

1. Use a pop of color.

In a small space, it’s a really good idea to keep patterns and colors to a minimum. Let nature be your guide and the backdrop to your color pallet.

You want your space to be fun, but constant changes in colors and textures can make an already small space feel even more crowded.

We suggest choosing one pop of color and going for it completely. Then, keep everything else neutral.

Whether that means you have light blue walls with neutral furniture or you have white walls and furniture with blue accent pillows, it’s up to you. Rely on fewer colors, and your space will feel more spacious.

One of our favorite ways to bring color into your space is with a bright planter (we love orange planters) and lush greenery.

2. Go vertical.

Vertical Growing Wall

The truth is, anything you love can become a piece of art you hang on your patio wall.

Keep it personal and hang something up that makes you happy.

We love vertical planters; growing walls are a wonderful way to bring greenery to your patio and greenery is the perfect way to add nature-inspired style to your outdoor space

3. Plant plants.

Garden Living Space

Big furniture and big plants can turn any small space into a big space. One comfortable chair surrounded by greenery and a little side table will turn your high rise balcony into your seasonal oasis.

Make sure the chair is comfortable — a chair that beckons you to pick up a good book and spend hours on Flipboard.

Adding live plants to your space will bring a freshness to the area. If your patio is covered, there are a lot of live plant options that do well in the shade.

With the popularity of container gardens, you can also bring some great veggie and herb gardens into your décor. A garden of fresh leafy greens or a container garden with cherry tomatoes is the perfect small space accessory.

If you can, create a home-like space on your patio. Getting outside is always a good solution if you feel cramped inside.

Small Space decorating decor

Use these small space decorating tricks to maximize what you have and bring absolute joy to your home. Urbanites, what do you do to create space in small places?