Three Delicious, Healthy & Decadent Dip Recipes

There is simply no better feeling than scooping up a heap of delicious dip onto a chip, a piece of pita or onto a freshly harvested cucumber. Dips are always a welcome addition to any gathering but often can seem heavy so we have take a few of our favorite dips and tweaked them so they are a little lighter but still just as flavorful.

We are adding some garden-fresh ingredients to uplevel your dip game. So grab your chips, veggies, or bread and get ready to dive into the most decadent and delicious dips that will please any crowd and have you stacking bowls on bowls on bowls.

  • Dill Dip: For a refreshing and herbaceous punch!
  • Black Bean Dip: Add some garden inspired ingredients to make this dip a family favorite.