A Message On Women’s History Month With Gardenuity

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and we wanted to take a minute to celebrate all the women who have, and who are impacting our lives. Mothers, Daughters, Friends, Co-workers, Colleagues, and mentors. Through their strength, leadership, perseverance, and commitment to others they are part of our growth.  

Our leadership team calls out specifically a few women who impact them every day.

Donna Letier

Arianna Huffington – She is changing the way we work today, putting work and life balance into focus.  The ultimate connector and storyteller, Arianna brings real-life experiences into real-world realities.

Reese Witherspoon– Founder of Hello-Sunshine, Reese brings female stories to life and brings real stories to the c-suite. She is doing the extraordinary with her power and platform.

Jillian Letier – The picture of perseverance, I stand in awe at her determination to live each day and moment to its fullest. Always with a smile and a side of grit.

Helen Keller– A reminder what courage, in the face of overwhelming odds looks like. She inspired people of her time and still inspires people today. She did what others said could not be done.

Madison Letier – Undeterred by challenges, she advocates for those with differences and those with a dream. She is giving many entrepreneurs a platform to grow.

Julie Eggers

Beverly Tuck, mother; she raised 3 strong daughters and always encouraged strength, independence, courage, and kindness.

Amanda Eggers, daughter, architect; Amanda is strong and joyful and never gives up. She strives to use her craft to improve the lives of others via the built environment.

Susan Tabb & Rebecca Blackman, sisters extraordinaire. Susan builds up those around her every day through her community involvement. Becky is a cardiac nurse and advocates for her patients every day.

Rev. Mary Lessmann,  Associate for Spiritual Growth, Saint Michael Church; Mary answered her call while raising two boys and enjoying a successful career as a CPA. We should all learn that our greatest purposes can come at any phase of our lives.

Dr. Melissa Carry, Cardiologist, Dr. Carry’s brilliance in her field and passion for her patience is an inspiration.

Susan B. Anthony and all other women who led the fight for Women’s right to vote; we must never take this privilege for granted.

All the girlfriends of the world who lift us up and keep us going strong – none of us can do it without each other.

Lana Constantine

Liza Lee, Former Headmistress of The Hockaday School. Liza taught me how to have a voice and be heard with compassion, intelligence and grit.

Lucy Billingsley, Partner, and Co-Founder of The Billingsley Company. Lucy inspires me with her boundless energy and hard work while still having lots of fun.

Lyda Hill, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, and advocate for the STEM and the Sciences. Lyda has grown her legacy with a commitment to her community through countless philanthropic endeavors, inspiring generations of women to study and work in the sciences.   Her latest venture seeks to make Dallas the next bio tech hub in America and will hopefully bring more talent to our city.

Doug Platts

Natalie Gonnella-Platts – Director, Women’s Initiative, George W. Bush Institute – Yes this might seem obvious as Natalie is my wife! But time and again I am amazed at her intelligence and expertise in her field that allows her to be at the forefront of key conversations, research, and programmatic efforts that support women and girls worldwide to lead in their communities and countries.  All whilst we partner together on raising our two-year-old son and rescue dog!

Habiba Ali – CEO/Founder SOSAI Renewable Energies Company – I mentored Habiba a few years ago as she was building her solar and renewable energy production company in Nigeria. Even then I was massively impressed with the impact Habiba had made, and I continue to see tremendous recognition for Habib and her company as she has driven growth for SOSAI and helped people with affordable access to reliable energy solutions for cooking and electricity.