Welcome to Summer 2024 | A Letter From Our Co-founder Donna Letier

Welcome to Summer

As we embrace the warmer days ahead, I find immense joy in reaching out to you at the cusp of summer—a season of growth, renewal, and vibrant activity, not just in our surroundings but within ourselves. At Gardenuity, we believe in the transformative power of connecting with nature, and there’s no better time to explore this connection than in the fruitful season of summer.

This year I have been reminded how powerful gardening could be for your health. Who would have thought spending time with the companies we are growing with would generate so much joy and countless hours of laughter. Or that meeting so many extraordinary leaders that care about the mental and physical health of their employees, would now be counted as friends. 

Summer brings with it an unmatched vibrancy in the garden. It’s a time when our plants reach their peak, showcasing lush foliage and colorful blooms. The extended daylight hours provide more time for both our plants and us to soak in the sun’s nourishing rays, fostering growth and a sense of accomplishment as we see our efforts come to fruition. Gardening in the summer offers a unique opportunity to literally enjoy the fruits of our labor, whether it’s vegetables for our next meal or herbs that add natural flavors to our favorite beverages. 

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, gardening is a profoundly therapeutic activity. It is proven to reduce stress, enhance mood, and even improve physical health. Studies have shown that gardening can lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and promote a sense of well-being. At Gardenuity, we are passionate about these holistic benefits and are committed to making gardening experiences accessible to everyone, regardless of their space or experience level.

This summer, we are excited to introduce several initiatives designed to make gardening even more enjoyable and fruitful. From workshops designed to inspire kids to get a little dirty to advanced wellness classes with nutritionists and chefs diving into the benefits of growing your own microgreens. Our new range of summer gardens have been developed with expert horticulturists, ensuring that even the most urban spaces can burst with life.

For me personally, my spring grow bags are bursting, and my summer gardens are thriving in the warmer sunshine. I find myself relishing in the sunshine and spending more time with the family. Lingering over dinners on the patio, conversations with neighbors, and time just being still with Jillian. Summer is a season of abundance and growth.

Summer is an invitation to slow down and a chance to bring awareness to what we eat, how we spend our time, and who we spend our time with. Gardening is a way of connecting with others, but also with ourselves. 

Over the next few months we will share with you some of our favorite recipes and microsteps of how to let the season and your garden nurture you. My advice, start each day with a moment of gratitude, hungry for inspiration, and hungry for the pleasures the summer season brings.

Until next time, grow something for you and for someone you love. These are the things that make my life special. If you would like to share yours, you can reach me directly at donna@gardenuity.com

Until then, I’ll be in the garden.