Upgrade your Patio with Azzurro Living | Tips from Brandon Kershner

Every year, as the sun comes out and the temperatures warm-up, there’s a rush to upgrade patio and porch spaces around the world. Having a luxurious, well-decorated patio, porch, or deck that feels warm and welcoming is key to enjoying the outdoors without leaving any home comfort behind. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a cocktail cuddled up on a comfy chair and surrounded by green and fresh air.

This week, we spoke to Brandon Kershner of luxury outdoor furniture line Azzurro Living to get the best tips to upgrade your patio and porch spaces to elegant living spaces.

Azzurro Living launched in the United States in January 2020. Since its launch, the company has received huge attention and accolades for its luxury furniture that transitions seamlessly from indoor to outdoor spaces while maintaining elegant design details and high outdoor functionality. Brandon Kershner is a partner and designer with the team. 

Start with the largest furniture item.

Azzuro Living Luxury Line

First, it’s important to honestly evaluate the size and layout of your outdoor space. “Then,” Brandon says, “Start with the largest piece you’re actually wanting to fit in that area. You have to work with the constraints of the space.” Look at the large pieces that you want to fit into your space and see how the layout can make that work. 

 What your space is like will determine what your biggest item is. It might be a 3 piece sofa, a greenhouse, or one lounge chair. Once you determine how this piece fits in your space, you will be able to determine how to configure the rest of the space. 

Find your centerpiece.

Next, find a piece to entertain and build around. That might be a fire table or a coffee table…”Whatever it is,” Brandon says, “the centerpiece is the thing you build around.” In other words, this piece becomes the focal point of the space — a place for people to gather. Between the centerpiece and the largest piece, you have the hardest part of decorating down.

Add greenery and details.

Outdoor Decor with Azzurro Living and Gardenuity Garden Kits

Then, for the fun part: fill in the rest of the space! “Greenery and gardens are an incredibly important part of outdoor living spaces,” Brandon says. Adding greenery and other miscellaneous design details is the key to making the space feel like you. Gardens, planters, succulents, side tables, lights, and more are all ways to add your own personality to the space. 

“The furniture is just one aspect of it — the environment around it really completes it. A planter may be nice, but the garden is what makes it come to life.” 

Brandon Kershner

Gardens are one of Brandon’s favorite way to upgrade a patio. (He has a MoGrow of his own on his rooftop space.) The MoGrow container garden kit is one example of something that Brandon says, “…has been trending for a long time in Europe.” Making space for your container garden on your patio is a fruitful and fun way to decorate.

Choose performance materials.

Azzuro Living Luxury Furniture

When you chose your pieces for your patio, choose furniture that uses good materials. “For an item to withstand outdoor elements, it has to be built in what we call ‘performance materials,’” Brandons says. These aren’t your everyday materials — they have to withstand UV exposure, rain, harsh winters, coastal environments and more.

Azzurro Living prides itself in its expert material use and construction while maintaining the look of luxury. 

Make it feel like the indoors.

Part of Brandon’s design process is wanting all of his pieces to feel at home both outdoors and in. Azzurro Living attempts to bridge the gap between inside and outside. “I don’t want there to be a clear distinction,” Brandon says. When you choose pieces and design, pick items that feel like an extension of your indoor home. The more comfortable and elegant your patio space feels, the more likely your are to truly enjoy it. 

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