6 Tips for Staying Hydrated in the Cold

It’s easy to ignore dehydration in the winter. Without the constant glare of the sun, we often forget that we still need loads of water to appease our bodies. When you’re hopping from dry heated rooms to cold dry air outside and back to heated rooms again, tips for staying hydrated are a must.

tips for staying hydrated herbal water

Here are our 6 tips for staying hydrated, even when it’s freezing cold out.

1. Grow plants indoors.

Plants often give off moisture to a room — they’re like natural humidifiers. Be sure to keep them well-watered during the winter months. If your heater is on, they’ll dry out more quickly than usual. Our indoor herbs are perfect for the winter. There’s no need to worry about the frost!

watering tips to keep your indoor herbs alive

2. Get creative with your water.

Add herbs, fruit, flowers, and more to your water. They’ll increase your intake of nutrients and vitamins and help keep your body healthy. Plus, you’ll be eager to drink more water if it tastes exciting!

tips for staying hydrated

3. Ditch the coffee.

You don’t have to give up hot drinks altogether though! Try herbal teas. They’re cozy, delicious, and hydrating. If you can’t rid yourself of the caffeine, green teas are equally invigorating and much better for your water intake.

green tea to hydrate

4. Eat the right veggies.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce (iceberg in particular) are prime food choices for a dehydrated body. Snack on them instead of salty pretzels or chips, and you’ll get through the winter hydrated, healthy, and happy.

stay hydrated with lettuce

5. Get outside more.

Heaters dry you out. Allow some natural moisture to enter your pores by going outside — even if just for a minute. Garden, take a walk, get the mail… it’ll do your body good.

get outdoors patio garden

6. Take a long bath and enjoy the steam.

Simply relax, take a bath (or shower), and don’t open any windows. Keep the moisture inside the house and open the bathroom doors to let the steam into the other rooms.

herbal bath to stay hydrated

Hydration is hard, especially in the winter months. But, like plants, your body needs water to thrive. So try out these tips for staying hydrated and let us know how you feel!

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