The Super Hero Garden | What Is It & How You Can Get It

Super Hero Garden

Everyone’s idea of what constitutes being a super hero is different; this is incredible because it means that there are literally super heroes all around us, all the time. One thing that these superheroes have in common is that they don’t wait for the opportunity to make a positive difference – they create one. They also never give up when it comes to being there for their community and loved ones. 

One thing we know for sure is that in order to be any kind of super hero, you need to have loads of superpowers; to be strong, you need to eat your greens. This year, give back to the super heroes in your life by giving them the gift of gardening. Our Super Hero Container Garden Kit has everything you need to say “Thank You” and then some! Keep reading to learn more. 

What’s in The Super Hero Garden?

Super Hero Garden Layout

Our new Super Hero garden is full of vitamins that’ll keep you growing healthy and strong. This wonderful garden comes in a full-size garden bag with a great assortment of fully rooted vegetables, leafy greens and herbs. And of course, leafy greens always taste better when you can say, “I grew that.”

The Super Hero Container Garden comes with an assortment of delicious, green vegetables like arugula, kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, bok choy, and swiss chard. These veggies are excellent for your health, including boosting the immune system and detoxification; this garden is the perfect way to keep growing stronger, especially in the midst of a global health crisis!

This new garden kit comes with a customized, fully rooted plant collection, plant nutrients, plant feedings, custom compost, a growing container, and Grow Pro Support throughout the entire growing season. All you need to do is add sunshine, water, and enjoy.

Why Give The Super Hero Garden Now?

Doug with the Super Hero Garden

Superfoods are super green, not to mention the culinary possibilities are endless. Leafy greens are extraordinarily easy to grow and oh so versatile; now more than ever, this is the perfect time to get growing and increase your intake of super greens.

Further, take the time to make sure your heroes know who they are; communicating gratitude is a wonderful way to share love and to grow with your community. When you introduce a garden to your community, you are providing an opportunity to share a cherished experience, and to keep thriving, together. 

Give Your Hero a Special Experience

Despite how normal it is for our heroes to share so much of their strength and energy with us, we must not forget that their growth deserves to be celebrated, too. Give your hero the chance to sit down and experience something incredible just for themselves; their very own, personal “I Grew That” moment. Share the opportunity to celebrate their own successes. After all, any great leader knows that taking time for themselves is exactly how they come to understand their skills strengths.

Start Your Growth

As the holiday season is now upon us, it’s the most wonderful time of the year to give the gift of growth to someone who has provided you with the chance to do just that: grow. The Super Hero Garden is a beautiful and thoughtful way to say thank you, and express your gratitude through growing good. 

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