Succulent Garden Trends 2021 | 3 Trending Succulent Gardens

Succulent Garden

Green thumbs can look a little different on everybody; while we believe that anyone can grow something good, some people do have a knack for growing certain plants. Whether it be a container garden, a beautiful house plant, or a garden full of succulents, we are just happy to see growth flourishing in the plant community.

This week, we are looking into the most recent succulent trends that have been keeping succulent gardeners on their toes. Keep reading to learn more about these fun projects that you can do at home today – think small spaces, versatility, and more!

Why Grow Succulents?

Succulents are oh, so much fun to grow in your own garden. If you live in a hot and sunny climate like we do, you are accustomed to seeing succulents around every bend. Even if you don’t live in the middle of the desert, you can still make succulents work for your space.

Succulents are extremely satisfying to nurture and grow on your own. Similarly to other gardens, a succulent garden will thrive if given the right environment and attention. These plants are wonderful to grow because they truly do not need too much upkeep, and they are full of surprises, like blooming flowers.

If you feel like you have had a difficult time keeping your plants alive in the past, growing succulents is a great place to start when getting back into greenery. They are easy, fulfilling, and they are sure to brighten up any space. 

Take a look at these trends in succulent gardening that we were inspired by.

  • Succulent Landscaping: This form of landscaping is perfect for dry and hot climates. Imagine your front yard, bursting with beautiful and stoic cacti and succulent plants. The fun thing about this style of landscaping is that it also involves a lot of rocks – a further opportunity to get creative with your garden’s design
  • Desktop Succulent Garden: We love having beautiful succulents where we spend so much of our day- at our desk. This stylish desktop garden assembles in minutes, comes with a paint brush, the perfect way to keep your succulents healthy and clean and custom soil for healthy growth. This Desktop garden is a great gift to give and receive.
  • Make a Rainbow: Succulent plants are vibrant in their coloring, depending on the type of plant. If you want to add a pop of color to your space, try picking out succulent plants in the colors of the rainbow, and planting them in that order. If you want to get really crafty, you could even try a vertical planter.
Gardenuity Desktop Succulent Garden

Try Something New

If you have never grown succulents before, do not be afraid to dig in! These plants are forgiving and easy to manage – and great for beginners. The beautiful thing about succulents is that you can start small, and easily add to your collection, getting more creative with your choices along the way. Take a look at our available succulent plants to get started on your growing journey today.