Success From Anywhere Podcast

We have a podcast for you for a little bit of inspiration and growth for your mindset!

Gardenuity’s CEO, Donna Letier, joins bestselling author and Salesforce executive, Karen Mangia, on Success from Anywhere to discuss all things blooming at Gardenuity and beyond. 

Donna and Karen talk about challenges that can turn into celebrations and opportunities; Donna’s background of growing up and moving around alot during her childhood to live in different places, cities, and cultures, which led her to glean a better understanding and appreciation of people’s lives; as well as the mission and growth of Gardenuity. 

Gain some insight on how to create a culture of care at your company, foster a sense of community, and grow more gratitude in your life. 

If you are a visual person, you can watch the whole interview, here. If you would rather have a listen while walking, driving, or spending time outside, you can listen here