St. Patrick’s Day Mocktail – [Quick & Easy Recipe]

Finally: a mocktail that’s so delicious, it will make all other drinkers green with envy. 

This minty mocktail is the perfect libation for those looking to have a calmer St. Patrick’s Day. It gets its deep green color from chlorophyll, a substance that gives plants their vitality and many health benefits. Those who regularly take chlorophyll in supplement form can experience boosted immunity, clearer skin, reduced cancer risk, and even weight loss. 

If you’re new to chlorophyll, this is a great way to try it out, especially if you are hesitant about its earthier flavor. Long-time supplement takers also can benefit from this recipe, which includes inflammation-reducing ingredients like ginger and mint for even greater health benefits.

Helpful Hints

Use your chlorophyll correctly. Tempting as it is to load up on such a nutritious ingredient, be careful to not use too much, as it can temporarily dye your mouth green. If you find yourself with a mouth the color of a shamrock, simply brush your teeth or swish some plain water around.

Opt for a mintier flavor. If you are a little wary of chlorophyll, opt for one that is flavored with mint or peppermint. It is a great way to reap all the benefits with less of an earthy flavor. 

Get creative. There are many swaps you can make to this mocktail that can help make it your own. Put in ginger beer for seltzer, agave for the ginger syrup, other herbs for the mint (basil would be super refreshing!), or, if you’re feeling less adventurous, green food coloring for the chlorophyll. 

St. Patrick’s Day Mocktail

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Looking for a healthier and refreshing drink for St. Patrick’s Day? Look no further!


  • 1 lime, juiced

  • 4 fresh mint leaves

  • ½ oz ginger syrup

  • 12 drops chlorophyll

  • 1 can (around 1 ½ cups) seltzer or club soda

  • Fresh mint, caramelized ginger, and lime slices, for garnish


  • Put the lime juice and fresh mint in the bottom of a large, heavy-bottomed glass. Muddle with a cocktail muddler, then add ginger syrup and chlorophyll. Stir until very well combined. 
  • Pour seltzer into the glass. Stir everything until homogenous. Add in ice, then garnish with fresh mint leaves, caramelized ginger, and lime slices.