Pink Party Desktop Garden | Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Do you need a pop of color in your life? Our Pink Party Desktop Garden can add a little bit of cheer in your day–and in someone else’s, too. 

This month, our popular Tropical Gardens in Bamboo Planters have gone pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. Beautiful pink polka dot plants, earth stars, and pink nerve plants make up a bright and beautiful garden that enlivens any desktop or indoor surfaces it touches. Each kit also includes a stylish cement planter or the Gardenuity signature Bamboo planter, customized nutrition, and a mister, ensuring that you have everything you need to grow with confidence. ​​

Getting a garden this month does more than just benefit your desktop. For every ten Pink Party Desktop gardens we sell in October, we will be donating one to the UT Southwestern Center for Breast Care, which offers comprehensive, patient-focused breast cancer treatment using the latest medications, techniques and therapies. Donated gardens will be given to patients undergoing breast cancer treatment or who are survivors of the disease. 

Jennifer Marsh, who is currently undergoing treatment, believes that little tokens such as gardens can make all the difference to those who are fighting. 

“I was diagnosed with triple-positive Breast cancer in March,” Jennifer said. “The love and support I received from my friends has gotten me through my surgeries and rigorous treatment plans. Receiving a note or plant helps encourage me and lifts my spirit–and allows me to keep up the fight.”

To purchase this special desktop garden, link to the Tropical Garden, use the code PINK PARTY during checkout and indicate in notes if you would like the cement planter or bamboo planter.