Outdoor Summer Activities For Kids

Growing with Kids- Gardenuity

Summer is supposed to be a relaxing season full of fun and laughter, but often times parents feel the opposite because school is out. It’s not easy juggling work, the house, kids, pets, and all the other hats parents’ wear. What’s even worse is that now kids get sucked into the screens and it’s even harder without the routine of school. It’s common that if kids are not glued to a screen in some way, then instead their complaining of boredom. 

Experts say kids should spend 1-3 hours outside every day, but that is not a simple task. We know the struggle, so here are some exciting new ways to get your kids outside this summer and away from the screens. 

Activity Jar

Start with writing some ideas down on popsicle sticks that are “outdoor activities”. Have your kids pull one or two once a day and make a game out of it! It’s also a crafty activity for the family to do together while creating your jar. You can choose to come up with 10-100 different activities depending on how often you want the kids to pull from it! Having trouble coming up with activities?

Here are a few ideas:

·  Take a nap outside (blankets or hammock)

·  Take the bikes for a spin

·  Draw with chalk/sidewalk art

·  Have a water fight with the hose. Maybe even get some water balloons

·  Have an outdoor scavenger hunt

Explore Local Nature Walks and Trails

This is an easy activity to do during a lunch break and a great way to get your kids outside. It’s a very flexible activity which is nice to work around schedules. Teach your kids how to use a compass on the walk-in in case they get lost on future hikes. Or have them collect interesting plants along the way (if they’re not poisonous) and then they can create a nature book at home and research the plants they found. Show them the beauty of nature without the hassle of a trip!


Of course, our last suggestion is to start a garden and we are ready to help you get growing. Gardening is a great way to educate kids on nature in general and a cool skill to learn over the summer. It’s also great for our ecosystem and the local insects. Start with a seasonal vegetable garden and have them take care of it like a pet. One of our favorites is the seasonal Pizza Garden. Having fresh herbs easily accessible can give so much flavor to meals and even has medicinal properties. Kids love being able to pick out what they grow and see the full process from the seed to the plant while also having a sense of pride that they grew something all by themselves!