Our Favorite Trader Joe’s Picks for Summer – Gardenuity

Trader Joe’s is our go-to grocery store. Their entirely original product line basically guarantees that we find a unique treasure every time we walk through those doors. So, as a team, we’ve assembled a list of our favorite Trader Joe’s picks for the season — and each item is perfect to suit your plant lifestyle.

1. Cauliflower Gnocchi

It’s pasta, but without the carbs. A.K.A. every dieter’s dream. This cauliflower gnocchi has the soft texture and rich flavor we know and adore, but without wheat, eggs, sugar, or dairy.

Sautee it, boil it, or microwave it. Then top with a fresh tomato sauce (fresh basil is a bonus!) or toss with butter and sage. Lunch and dinner for days.

cauliflower gnocchi

2. Goddess Dressing

The name speaks for itself. This dressing has a flavorful tahini base that’s followed with the tang of lemon and finished off with the taste of garlic and chives. Creamy, but not heavy, this dressing keeps any salad fresh, light, and divine — absolutely perfect for summer.

PRO TIP: Tahina (a balanced mix of lemon and tahini) was basically created to accompany Mediterranean flavors, so the Goddess dressing really shines with this cuisine. Plus, it’s vegan.

goddess dressing

3. Habanero Lime Flour Tortillas

Yum. Yum. Yum. As extreme Mexican cuisine enthusiasts, we’re not satisfied with the run-of-the-mill packaged tortilla. We have pretty high standards…and these tortillas totally meet them.

They pack a medium-heat (not too spicy) and contain a clear kick of lime when you bite in. We recommend using them to wrap up your breakfast burrito, creating a pouch for hummus and fresh veggies, or throwing one underneath your taco salad!

4. Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage

Sausage is normally revered for its savory flavor, but this sausage is a delicious exception. The sweet apple chicken sausage leaves you feeling light and healthy while completely satiating your sweet tooth.

Our favorite way to eat this is a variation on the buddha bowl: sauté the sausage and then throw it in a rice bowl with your favorite roasted veggies. No recipe necessary!

chicken sausage

5. Roasted Coconut Chips

Roasted coconut chips are appropriate at all times of the day. Use the chips to top off your breakfast smoothie bowl or your dessert ice cream bowl. And don’t be afraid to snack on them all day long.

The amount of sweet flavor packed into each chip is impressive. They’re a sweet treat that’s healthy and delicious.

coconut chips

These are our favorite 5 picks, but Trader Joe’s is a positive goldmine for good eats that support a plant lifestyle. Share your top Trader Joe’s picks with us and your favorite way to use them! @gardenuity