Movie Night Essentials You Can’t Do Date Night Without

movie night essentials

As winter rolls around, date night slowly evolves into at-home-date-night. Personally, our favorite way to date-night is cuddling up at home with tasty treats, way too many blankets, and a good movie. Because who wants to head out into the chill when you can watch your favorite movie on your favorite couch?

But, let’s be real: date night should be special! Here are the movie night essentials for making a date night with your loved one as special as going out on the town.

Popcorn, Popcorn, Popcorn

Popcorn is an absolute must. Obviously, you can just buy the classic microwave pop bag…or you can take the tasty route and make your own! Use this method to make it stovetop style or try air-popping your popcorn. It’s equally delicious and saves some of the calories.

To top it off (and make it uniquely tasty), salt it with this delicious Rosemary Sea Salt — our favorite of the movie night essentials. It adds a delicious herbaceous flavor that’ll elevate your movie night from homemade to gourmet.

Rosemary Seasoned Popcorn

Something Sweet

Can you really have a movie night without a sweet treat? The benefits of having a movie night at home are that you can opt for real desserts that are tastier and healthier— no milk duds or sour straws. Check out these simple late night sweets, choose your favorite, and settle into sweetness.

Something to Sip

Sparkling tea is all the rage right now, and it’s the perfect healthy alternative to a soda. Our favorite teas are these Garden Inspired Loose Leaf Teas. Follow the instructions below for a divine drink for your movie night!

sparkling teas movie night essentials
  1. Boil water in your kettle, and add tea to your tea infuser. When water is hot, pour over tea infuser into your teapot, using less water than you normally would (you’ll add seltzer water!) Let steep 3-5 minutes. Remove infuser from the teapot and add sugar, to taste.
  2. Pour seltzer water (and lime juice or lemonade!) into tea. More seltzer water = more diluted tea! Add ice if you wish, garnish with herbs, and settle in.

Cozy Everything

Coziness is a movie night essential we are not willing to bend on — especially if your movie night is date night! Pull out aaaalll of your comfy things and don’t hold back. Cuddle up on your best sofa, find your favorite pillows, fluffiest blankets, softest pajamas, and more.

The best way to make it cozy? If you have a fireplace, make use of it! If not, light some of these fragrant candles — they’ll give you the same flickering mood and make it just a tad more romantic.

The Perfect Flick

movie reel

The most essential of the movie night essentials: a really really really good movie. Our list includes classics like The Princess Bride (for the romanticist and comedian), The Bourne Identity (for the thrillist), Amélie, (for the lovers), and The Blind Side (for the family men & women). The important thing is that you love the movie you watch, so pick your poison and don’t look back!

Whatever your movie night looks like, we hope you make use of some of these movie night essentials. Trust us: when it comes to movie night, the more indulgent, the better.