Gardenuity Employee Spotlight: Katie Yeager

Hello fellow Gardeners!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Katie Yeager, and I am the resident Copywriter for Gardenuity, which means I am the person who is interviewing, researching, and writing all of the blogs for the Gardenuity blog, The Sage, that you see week after week. My day-to-day involves working with the content creation team to dream up and plan out the articles that we want to share with you all each week, interviewing inspiring people to feature and highlight, and of course, writing all of the blogs and blurbs that you all get to read!

My purpose is to keep readers engaged, informed, and excited about all of the amazing things going on throughout the year and show off how beneficial gardening can be for your mind and body. Keep an eye out for all of the exciting articles rolling out every week by signing up for our newsletter! 

I have been working at Gardenuity for a little over a year and have loved every minute of it. Although I live in California, and the majority of my team is in Dallas, I still feel the love and support to grow from 1,400 miles away. 

I sat down with myself to ask all of the questions that I normally ask the Gardenuity team. Everything Katie is answered below with some questions about my favorite things, wellness practices, and all of the fun facts. Check it out. 

What did you do for work before Gardenuity?

Before Gardenuity, I worked for two companies at the same time. I was an Account Manager at a company called Wondros, which is a creative agency that specializes in solving complex communications challenges to build social movements and inspire action. I also worked at Boochcraft, which is a hard kombucha company that fresh-presses all of its own juice for its Booch, where I served as the resident Field Marketer. 

I have kept up the trend of working at several places. I now teach yoga at Corepower Yoga, work as a copywriter for a marketing company called Umai, and write all of the copy for Gardenuity!

What initially drew you to work at Gardenuity?

Donna Leiter, our CEO, and co-founder, is what drew me to work at Gardenuity. I have known Donna since I was a little girl and was extremely inspired and impressed by the work she had and the mission that she stands for in creating Gardenuity. Wellness and mental health are two things that are extremely important to me, and I am honored to be a part of a company that puts both of those values at the forefront of their business. 

Favorite wellness practice / self-care routine?

I have several wellness practices and self-care routines that I implement into my everyday life. First, I start my morning with lemon water and journaling to ensure that I hydrate myself for the day and put positive intentions down on paper. Second, I always go to a yoga class, whether I am teaching or taking it, it fills me with energy, positivity, and clarity. Finally, I spend time outside and connect with nature and my higher self. Living in San Diego gives me many options for being active and outside, whether it is yoga on the beach, surfing during sunset, or going on a morning hike. All of these practices are valuable, non-negotiables within my day, which allow me to feel stable, grounded, and grateful. 

Favorite Garden and Why?

My favorite garden is the Salad Garden because my roommates and I LOVE to make big salads filled with leafy greens and delicious toppings. I think salads became fun for me once I started adding different textures and flavors to spice things up a bit! Say goodbye to the boring salad days and try adding things like nuts, fruit, seeds, potatoes, and even chickpeas! We like to call our salads goodie salads because we put so many fun goodies in them, which creates a delightful meal with everything you need in one bowl. 

What is your favorite thing about working at Gardenuity?

My favorite thing about working at Gardenuity is the emphasis on wellness and combining different wellness facets to encourage people to be the best version of themselves. Every single person who works at our company cares and translates Gardenuity’s mission into their day-to-day life, which creates an amazing culture to be around and work with day after day. 

Finally, a Fun Fact Speed Round…

Where are you from originally? I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Following that, I took a gap year, where I lived with host families in Rwanda, Jordan, and Palestine. I then ventured to Austin for college. From there, I moved to Oahu, Hawaii, and I currently reside in San Diego, California!

School? Communications and Leadership, and Sociology at The University of Texas at Austin.

Do you have a pet? Sort of…I do not have a pet of my own in San Diego, as I travel too often to be able to give it proper care. But my parents live in Dallas and have two King Charles Cavaliers that I claim as my own. 

Any nicknames? Kyages / Katie Girl / Yeagerbomb / Yages

Favorite Cocktail? Margarita – the classic way (just lime, agave, and tequila)

Favorite plant? Wildflowers!

Favorite food? Beet + Chickpea Tacos 

Favorite thing to do besides gardening? Hanging out with my friends on the beach, traveling to explore and learn about new cultures, and karaoke night.