May Gift Guide – For Moms, Teachers, Graduates & More

It’s May! Between celebrating Mother’s Day, honoring teachers, and cheering on graduates, May is often a surprisingly busy month for gift giving. But Gardenuity has got your back. 

When you give the gift of growing, you give a gift that lasts far beyond a celebratory season. You plant the seeds for future health, well-being, and joy, the gift of peace and mental wellness, which is particularly apt given that May is Mental Health Awareness month. 


Your mom helped you grow up. Now give the gift of growing right back to her with a beautiful pastel waxed amaryllis. These beautiful flowers flourish for months, and, unlike you, our incredible waxed bulbs required no tending or watering whatsoever. Because, let’s face it: your mom has enough on her plate.


Teachers are superheroes. They educate our children and help them become the people that they were meant to be. We created our Superhero Grow Kit just for people like them. Packed with superfoods like kale, chard, arugula and spinach, your favorite educator will be able to grow delicious produce that works just as hard as they do. 


Every dorm room needs a little something fresh, and every graduate needs a desktop garden for their next adventure. Low maintenance and trendy, our indoor desktop gardens are small space and high impact in terms of mental wellness benefits. And, let’s face it: this might be the only green that the graduate sees for their first year of college!


Let’s not forget about our favorite people with May birthdays! For Taurus friends born on or before May 20, we recommend our giftable Mint Grow KIt. Mint is sturdy, dependable, and stubborn, just like our favorite Taurus people. For Geminis, born on May 21 and onward, nothing will do better than our giftable Cocktail Garden. Your favorite Geminis will love how they can get crafty with their harvest, appealing to their flexible and clever natures.