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Healthy living is a way of life, and skincare is increasingly part of achieving wellness.  In fact, the organic skin-care market is expected to reach $54B in the next seven years.

Introducing: The Radiant Skin Care Garden

The new Gardenuity Radiant Skin Care garden is for those who recognize that what you eat impacts every part of your body. The garden is about growing and consuming things that are truly good for you — inside and out. It’s also about expanding our awareness of wellness to encapsulate all approaches.

Life can influence the health of your skin. Drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly will help you get “the glow,” but growing, harvesting, and consuming superfoods is key to help your skin look its best.

The Radiant Skin Garden Collection includes a variety of fully rooted plants known for supporting healthy skin. They’re plants that are nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory, and known to nourish from within.

The allure and promise of looking better after a beauty product is appealing on lots of levels, but it pays to remember that many of the key ingredients in your favorite skincare product start in a garden.

Donna Letier, CEO and Co-Founder of Gardenuity

Some of the best superfoods for skin are part of the Radiant Skin Care plant collection. As the seasons change, so do the plants in the collection.

Specific plants that have been tapped to be part of the Radiant Skin Garden Collection include…

  • Kale, Spinach and Swiss Chard (rich in antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients)
  • Thyme (shown to be more effective than prescription acne creams in quelling breakouts)
  • Red & Yellow Peppers (contain beta-carotene which our body converts into Vitamin A, and Vitamin C, which is necessary for protein collagen production to keep skin firm and strong)
  • Tomatoes (contain beta-carotene, lutein, and lycopene, which have been shown to protect your skin against sun damage)
  • Broccoli (contains sulforaphane to help prevent skin cancer and protect from sunburn)
  • Sage (antioxidant used in fighting free radicals and acting as a natural astringent for oily, acne-prone skin)

Read more about how to use your harvests for good skin in this complete guide to 100% natural skincare.

With Gardenuity, you don’t have to have a sprawling backyard, spacious garden beds, or loads of time to enjoy the many benefits of fresh veggies and herbs.

If you have an outdoor location that receives six or more hours of daily sun, your garden is positioned for lush growth — even if that’s simply a fire escape.

Everything needed to plant (and maintain) a fruitful garden.

Real Simple Magazine

Gardenuity is a modern way to experience the joys of gardening. It’s a way to engage in fresh wellness and culinary ideas with the most organic, natural ingredients that you can use — homegrown ones.

A container garden kit contains literally everything you need to grow. All you need to add is water and some love!

Included in the Radiant Skin Care Garden Kit

  • Portable & reusable 7 gallon grow bag
  • Vegetables and herb plants  identified as good for skin matched to your location and season
  • Foundation Compost (1 gallon)
  • Coir — expands to 5-6 gallons of total growing media
  • Soil Primer
  • Micro Nutrients
  • PH Toner
  • 30 and 60-day feeding
  • Seasonal Grow Pro Membership

Shop our Radiant Skin Care Garden Kit beginning February 1, 2020 on the Gardenuity website.

Radiant Skincare Garden Kit