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Good Thyme Garden Kit

We are excited to introduce our newest garden collection, “The Good Thyme Garden”. The Good Thyme Garden is the perfect way to grow your kids’ confidence in the garden and beyond. 

Included in the kit is everything you need to get your patio garden growing, customized soil, plant nutrients, and a seasonal fully rooted plant collection.

With the Good Thyme Garden kit, kids have access to follow along videos and ideas on how to bring their harvests to some fun kitchen creations.  The Good Thyme Garden is the beginning of many “I grew that” moments.

This week we hosted our first Good Thyme Garden virtual event and had kids gardening with us across the country.

It was great meeting so many new friends who joined us from across the country. We had Stephanie in New York, Jackson in Dallas, Pete in Austin, CJ in Chicago, Addison in San Francisco, and so many more. Just think about it, we have new gardens and gardeners growing coast to coast. 

“Thanks for a great morning, Jamie is so proud of her garden and has been watering it every day.  She loved naming all of her plants and growing with some new friends across the country.”

Ally- Chicago

The Good Thyme Garden is more than just a garden, it brings the experience of gardening to kids and families, not matter where they live.  Planting, growing, nurturing, and harvesting your own patio garden has lifelong benefits.

Studies have found gardening with children helps grow healthy eating habits, enhances fine motor development, helps teach responsibility, self-confidence and grows gratitude.  Gardening is a way to bring the whole family together.

The outdoor garden takes up less than a square foot, fits easily on a small patio or balcony. 

The Good Thyme Garden comes with everything you need for a complete, healthy, fun gardening experience. 

  • Portable & reusable 5 gallon grow bag embroidered with “Good Thyme Garden”
  • Seasonal plant collection matched to the location and season
  • Coir- growing media
  • Custom Foundation Compost
  • Soil Primer
  • Micro Nutrients
  • pH Toner
  • 30 & 60-day feeding
  • Plant markers/name tags for decorating
  • Seasonal Good Thyme Garden Club access and Grow Pro support

+ each Good Thyme Garden comes with a GWP of a Mini Grow Bag with an organic seed square.

The garden is easy to assemble and includes access to the Good Thyme Garden Club virtual gatherings.

Good Thyme Garden Camp
Good Thyme Garden Camp – Virtual Event

With hands-on instruction, behind-the-science tips, and easy-to-follow recipes, the Good Thyme Garden Club can give every child the skills to grow and care for their own patio garden. 

In addition to growing some great fresh flavors, each child will know they are helping to grow great communities. A percentage of each Camp registration will go directly to the Save The Children Organization and their #standwithsave initiative.

Good Thyme Garden