5 Tips To Renew Your 2019 Gardening Goals – Gardenuity

3 months and 20 days. That’s how long 2019 has been around. And if you ask us, that’s just long enough to let your new year gardening goals fall by the wayside.

Renew, refresh, recommit. Let’s get back on the New Year bandwagon and rededicate ourselves to our goals. Here are five tips to stick with your gardening resolutions.

setting gardening goals

1. Every day, hour, and second is a new one.

It’s simple. The more opportunities you give yourself to restart, the more you will restart. So, don’t wait until Monday rolls around to recommit yourself. In fact, don’t wait until tomorrow. Start afresh now!

2. Remind yourself—constantly.

Your brain loves its habits. So, if you’re starting a garden for the first time, and you’re not accustomed to thinking about a plant, you’re certainly not going to remember to take care of a plant. Set reminders on your phone, write it out in your planner daily or tack a gentle note on your fridge. Remembering is half the game, so take a few minutes and help your phone/planner/fridge help you.

3. Don’t take yourself so seriously.

Willpower is hard. So is a long-term commitment. Heck, remembering that you even have a goal is hard. So, if you mess up or forget to follow through, shrug and move on. Beating yourself up isn’t going to help—in fact, it will probably just keep you from trying. And what’s life if not a series of good-hearted attempts?

harvesting plants

4. Fuss-free = free flying.

Pave your way to success with the least amount of stress possible. As silly as it might sound, put your watering can next to your bed and make your plant easily accessible. Keep your shears by your Grow Bag and your Grow Bag by the sun. The less work you have to do to begin your goal, the more likely you are to keep on growing.

5. Find the joy in the process.

Yes, goals are hard. But the reality is, the process is often as sweet as the product. Let yourself bask in the sun, smell the leaves, and taste the sweet harvest. You’ll be reaping the rewards of your harvest, but you’ll also be feeling the true joy of growing.

child gardening

There’s still a lot of 2019 left, so let’s get growing! It might just make it the most fulfilling year yet.