How Do You Holiday | A Gardenuity Panel Event

How do you holiday Panel Event

Claire Crowe Collection and Gardenuity have partnered up to bring you a free evening of fun, celebrating Partners Card and the upcoming holiday season. We’ll be drinking, mingling, and talking holiday season preparation with our all-female panel of holiday savants.

On Monday October 28th, you’ll be greeted with specialty cocktails, wine & champagne, and our famous garden-inspired appetizers. After grabbing your food and drinks, feel free to mix and mingle while enjoying local pop-up shop experiences.

Later, you can join us as we talk about how to holiday — the right way. Our panel moderator, Jen Hiltz is joined by Donna Letier (Gardenuity), Claire Crowe (Claire Crowe Collection), Adrian Cotten (Pegasus City Brewery), Kara Shannon (Dallasites 101), Whitney Williams Rowell (Miracle Milkookies), and Morgan Pieper (Feed me Pronto) as they talk about their favorite and most successful ways to holiday in style.


Monday, October 28th, 2019


2242 Monitor St. #140 Dallas, TX 785207

Free event
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Below, we’ve listed sneak peek answers from our wonderful panel. Come to get all the holiday tips & tricks!

Adrian Cotten
Pegasus City Brewery

Q: “How do you add fun and unique ideas to your holiday gatherings?”

A: For me, I keep things simple. I truly believe what they say that “less is more.” Keeping things simple and pared down will actually make your gathering more unique and memorable because you haven’t tried to include all possible holiday décor from the aisles of Target into one gathering. The simplicity of something, with intention, creates meaning — whether that be a handwritten place card or an area with simple holiday branches and a polaroid camera to make memories. For me, I usually find 1 object that sets the tone — usually some sort of décor. Then, add subtleties that tie in with the 1 object for a minimalist but memorable affair.

Kara Shannon
Dallasites 101

Q: How do you manage your calendar during the holidays for maximum fun?

A: This may sound obvious (especially coming from me) but use social media to maximize your fun this holiday season! Facebook is the friend you can count on to invite you to most holiday events happening in Dallas, while Instagram is who I call on to help me find “specials” (so unique holiday drinks and treats and holiday party outfit ideas and shopping discounts). 

Q: What are some of the best bets to put on your calendar this holiday season?

My absolute number one would be our Dallasites101 4th annual Naughty or Nice Crawl along Greenville Ave. We host wine walks and bar crawls about every two months, and the Naughty or Nice Crawl is always my favorite. We’re expecting a few hundred people to come out feeling jolly, wearing festive outfits, and enjoying “naughty” (dark) and “nice” (light) craft beer from 3 Nations, a local brewery.

Plus, many many more to be announced during the panel!

Claire Crowe
Claire Crowe Collections

Q: How do you get your house ready for the holidays?

A: I always start by cozying up the focal point of the home: the fireplace. The hearth has been the center of the home since man discovered fire. An easy place to start with holiday decorating is the mantle: add greenery, candles, and holiday decor (like ornaments or lights) for quick holiday glitz.

You can add decorative elements, such as a group of small Christmas trees to the side of the fireplace — or how about adorning your fire screen with a small garland or wreath?  A roaring fire is always a good idea, but one alternative is to place candles in the fireplace. A group of candles (one color, varying sizes) is quite dramatic and enchanting in the fireplace when a fire isn’t in order.

I’m so proud of the way my company has become a valued resource for people interested in elevating and honoring this meaningful gathering place. We honor the urge to be together and love the opportunity to make the place where we come together during the holidays even more beautiful and more sacred.

Whitney Williams Rowell
Miracle Milkookies

Q: How do you manage to keep the magic alive for your kids and keep yourself focused and healthy during the holidays?

A: At our house, we love creating new traditions with our kids! My youngest turns two this year so it will be really fun ‘introducing’ her to Santa and all of our fun activities. My husband’s family lives out of state so we alternate Thanksgiving and Christmas with both sides of our families, giving us the opportunity to travel somewhere for either holiday. I actually love traveling over Christmas with the kids — it takes the focus off of presents and allows us to have conversations about what Christmas is really about.  
I love to cook and bake, so we spend a lot of time in the kitchen during the holidays. My 4-year-old loves planning, so we will probably plan out all of our holiday dishes together this year. Several years ago, I found a recipe for Brie en Croute that I tweaked by adding cinnamon and toasted walnuts and other ingredients that makes it really yummy. My extended family always requests that I bring that to our holiday gatherings, so it has become a staple appetizer for us.

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