The Housewarming Gift That Gives Sheer Joy to Any Home

Gardenuity Housewarming Gift

Candles and picture frames are the go-to housewarming gifts…but we can definitely do better.

The Gardenuity Giftable Garden is the perfect housewarming gift for your loved one (or for yourself!) Heartfelt, beautiful, and absolutely functional, gardens are the gifts that keep on giving.

Here’s why the Giftable Garden adds so much joy to any home.

Taste of Freshness

First of foremost, when we think of gardening, we think of those fresh eats. Not only is a garden a gift for the patio, it’s a gift to the kitchen (the center of the home). They’ll be able to use their garden to nourish their bodies in the healthiest way possible — straight from the garden.

Trust us, there’s nothing fresher than food harvested straight from your back porch and nothing more gratifying than being able to cook with it. Plus, they can celebrate their new home with garden-inspired drinks.

Your loved one will so appreciate the fresh & delicious tastes the gift of a garden brings!

Touch of Beauty

Many people overlook just how much joy a touch of green can bring to a home. Help your new home owners decorate their back porch with a MoGrow garden or their living room with the Inbox of herbs. Any green adds texture and freshness to homes, plus a sense of organic and natural beauty.

Plus, having plants around are really helpful for your health, mind, and soul! Here are 3 ways houseplants make you happier and healthier.

Father & Daughter Watering Their New Housewarming Gift

Gift of Experience

Ultimately, the best part of giving a garden as a housewarming gift is that gift of growing. The harvest is wonderful, but the process is where the real joy comes through. There’s something inexplicable about the happiness growing brings to a home — nurturing is part of our nature.

From taking a moment to meditate when you water plants, to appreciating more fully the beauty in life, here’s how growing grows gratitude and happiness.

Give your new homeowners the gift of growing — it’s the keep that keeps on gifting.

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