Halloween Charcuterie Board – Make A Tasty Halloween Treat

Halloween Charcuterie Board

Spooky season is upon us! And if you’re planning on throwing any sort of Halloween gathering, you are probably thinking about what you should be serving. 

Charcuterie boards are having a moment right now. Delicious and beautiful crowd-pleasers, boards can be transformed to match the occasion or season. And while you can always expect the expected in charcuterie–cheese, meat, some sort of carby vehicle–we firmly believe in the unexpected twist. 

That’s why we love putting herbs front and center on our boards. Sprigs of rosemary make for beautiful decoration and provide a savory-sweet aroma to the tasty bites they abut. We also love adding a bowl of chiffonade-cut basil leaves to sprinkle onto cheese or roll into prosciutto. The brightness cuts through some of the heavier aspects of the board, and guests certainly appreciate the pop of green. 

Here’s how we’re putting together our Halloween charcuterie boards, including the non-traditional herbs and spices that will elevate them beyond the traditional. 


Port Salut– a semi-soft cheese with a light, creamy flavor, Port Salut is the perfect cheese for a Halloween-themed board. If you’re asking why, look no further than its signature bright orange rind. 

Comté– hard, nutty and just the right amount of salty, comté is gruyere’s funky cousin. It can hold its own when paired with stronger flavors or stand alone as a quick bite. 

Cotswold– this hearty cheese is not a typical choice for a board, but its orange base is perfect for Halloween. We also love the dried chives that permeate through each bite–another point for herbs!


Charcuterie Board

Prosciutto–a crowd-pleasing favorite, prosciutto pairs especially well with Port Salut and comté. Gently place it slice-by-slice onto the board, twisting to make loosely-bunched, pumpkin-resembling piles.

Salami–another classic. Stack slices vertically, then flip on your board to create long, book-like lines. 


Rosemary– a beautiful and aromatic garnish, place bunches across or on the borders of the board. Try to select sprigs that do not have as many leaves for an appropriately skeletal look. 

Basil–chiffonade five to eight basil leaves and place in a small bowl on the board. Advise guests to sprinkle liberally on bites of cheese and slices of salami. 


Charcuterie Board w/ Sundries

Green Goddess Spreadour favorite herby spread is what brings this board to life. Funky and fresh, smear some on crackers or enjoy on bites of meat and cheese.

Blackberries– ripe, dark blackberries are delicious, packed with antioxidants, and happen to be the perfect color for a Halloween-themed board. 

Candy Corn– this time of year, candy corn is a vegetable! A little bowl of something sweet really brings everything else together. 


Multigrain crackers–something crunchy and seedy for a little bit of fiber.

Sliced baguette–something fluffy and soft for the extra hungry. 

Halloween Boards

Looking to bring the season into the party- try a Halloween inspired board.

Halloween Charcuterie Board
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