Gardenuity Employee Spotlight: Madii

Meet Madii!

Madii is the UX/UI Designer and eCommerce Manager for Gardenuity, which means she focuses on creating an accessible, functional, and delightful experience for anyone who visits Gardenuity’s website. Her day-to-day involves working with designers and web developers to create a new and improved website and digital experience for all the Gardenuity growers. Keep an eye out for all of the exciting updates to roll out over the next couple of months! She hopes the new makes you excited about getting to grow your own garden.

Madii has been working at Gardenuity for 7 months! 

I sat down with her to ask her some questions about her favorite things, wellness practices, and any fun facts. Check it out. 

What did you do for work before Gardenuity?

Before Gardenuity, Madii worked for a natural skincare company. She was their Brand Marketing Director and was responsible for creating the look, feel, and tone of the brand. In addition to that, she also managed event catering for her brother’s local DFW pizza restaurant. Interestingly, the restaurant caters a ton of weddings, so she often worked with wedding planners and venue owners to ensure they could make enough pizza on-site to feed all of the hungry guests.

What initially drew you to work at Gardenuity?

Madii was drawn to work at Gardenuity due to the values and mission that Gardenuity builds its foundation upon. Gardenuity cares deeply and is rooted in the values of mental health and environmental efforts. As she began to learn more about the company, it became clear that it was a good fit with what she was seeking to plant her roots in.

Favorite wellness practice / self-care routine?

Madii has two non-negotiable wellness practices that she makes a conscious effort to complete every morning. 

The first one is spending time outside, watering her garden. This practice allows her to get in some fresh air, take deep breaths, and set herself up for a successful headspace for the day. Gardening reminds her to take a step back from the chaos and noise of the world, slow down, and ground down in the bounty of the Earth. 

The second wellness practice that Madii enjoys partaking in is a morning yoga stretch. Yoga allows her to move her body, decompress, and lower her stress levels going into the day. 

These two practices remind her that everything will be okay and that there is so much to be grateful for. 

Fav Garden and Why?

Madii’s favorite Gardenuity garden is the Pizza Garden! This is due to her family’s ties to pizza. As mentioned above, her brother is a certified Neapolitan pizza chef, and before starting to work at Gardenuity, she had the opportunity to work with her brother at his restaurant. She was able to watch him grow his own herbs for the dishes he makes at his restaurant and experiment with new flavors and ideas in the kitchen. 

She loves the pizza garden because she gets to carry over this family tradition into her life and her work. Trying new recipes, toppings, and combinations is an easy reminder of her family with the Pizza Garden.

What is your favorite thing about working at Gardenuity?

The best thing about working at Gardenuity, in Madii’s eyes, is the people. Everyone who works at Gardenuity is incredibly supportive and encouraging and believes in the company’s mission of accessible health and wellness for everyone. 

The Gardenuity employees are deeply committed to helping other people discover the benefits of gardening and improving the lives of others, as well as the health of the planet. 

Finally, a Fun Fact Speed Round…

Where are you from originally? Born and raised in Dallas, Texas.

School? Integrated Marketing Communications, Business, and Graphic Design at Pepperdine University.

Do you have a pet? Yes – adorable, grumpy, old chihuahua named Pepper. 

Any nicknames? Madii…short for Madeleine.

Favorite Cocktail? Whiskey on the rocks. 

Favorite plant? Palm Trees (Specifically the Mexican Fan Palm Trees).

Favorite food? Tacos + Queso.

Favorite thing to do besides gardening? Go to concerts and stand-up comedy shows.