Favorites of Fall | Letter from the Editor

The fall season is upon us! Right now, we’re inspired and ready to celebrate everything we love about autumn. Fall is about welcoming change and growing with confidence.

I have always been a fan of changing seasons. It feels fresh and full of potential. And for as long as I can remember, fall has been a favorite time of year — everyone is coming home after months of travel, things seem more orderly with new school supplies on display, and the color orange (my favorite) is everpresent.

There are a million reasons why fall is unique and special. Here are a few reasons why I love fall.

Orange is everywhere.

Yes, orange is my favorite color. And in fall, it’s everywhere — in fashion, in nature, and in candy (who doesn’t love a fresh bag of Braches Candy corn?). You can almost smell the joy of orange in the air as mornings get cooler, leaves change color, and pumpkins show up on every doorstep.

Psst! Try my favorite (and easiest) fall recipe. Mix one part Braches Candy Corn with equal parts salty peanuts. Trust me, the flavor combo is delicious — it tastes just like a fresh PayDay candy bar.

Halloween reconnects us to our neighbors.

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Yes, I love candy, but more importantly, it’s the time of year all the neighbors come out and say hello. We’re reminded that sharing with one another is fun. Halloween also kicks off the beloved Charlie Brown holiday series with “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown,” which, in my mind, is sheer perfection.

Patios invite conversations.

I love reading a great book outside on fall Saturday morning with a cup of hot tea, leaning over, picking some fresh mint for my tea, and breathing in the moment. With kids in school, we all spend a little more time doing what we like to do, and I love doing them on the patio. The weather is perfect, the fall gardens are in full swing, and the colors of the outdoors are awe-inspiring.

Farmers Markets are in full swing.

Sidewalks turn into outdoor malls of beautiful veggies and flowers. I love shopping for sustainable local produce at my local fall farmers market. The items are tastier, healthier, and better for the world. Plus, there’s a type of calm and community about perusing a farmers market.

Fresh greens grow rapidly.

Fall gardening is easy. Crop choices for fall are not as overwhelming as the spring options, and the things I like to grow will grow month after month. Leafy greens, fresh kale, savory herbs…these greens all feel like fall and grow really well in the fall. I love putting freshly harvested rosemary in my popcorn or sage with my apple salad. No matter what, fall growing feels fresh.

Newness is welcomed.

Fall feels like the right time to try new things. We are all creatures of habit, but for some reason, autumn makes trying new things exciting, rather than uncomfortable.

Gratitude grows.

Fall reminds me why growing gratitude is good. Like so many of us, I rush through the days and don’t spend enough time being grateful for the moment. Fall gardening makes me do that. I see things in a fresh light and am able to appreciate the world a little more.

At Gardenuity, we celebrate the spirit of innovation and change that fall cultivates. It’s at the core of who we are and reflected in how we live day-to-day.

We are redefining home gardening. By reimagining how people can experience the joy of gardening, we’re helping more an more people experience the “I grew that” feeling. We are guided by determination, purpose, and a joy that will continue to ignite our spirit and, hopefully, inspire our customers.

Thank you for growing with us,

Donna Letier
Co-founder, Gardenuity