2022 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day 2022 is on June 19! Do you have your gift all lined up and ready to go? 

If not, no worries–Gardenuity has gifts for all kinds of dads. From grillers to gardeners, bartenders to baristas, give your dad the gift that keeps on growing this Father’s Day. After all, doesn’t the best dad deserve the best stuff? 

For the Grilling Dad: Giftable Herb Garden

Grilling dads know that big flavors come from fresh herbs. Help him up his grilling game with marinades and rubs made from plants that he grows himself in his own backyard herb garden. Bonus: he’ll be able to water the garden while he waits for the grill to heat up!

For the Gardening Dad: Dad’s Garden Kit with Plants

Take the annoying guesswork out of your dad’s favorite pastime with a Gardenuity ready-to-grow Garden Kit. Customized to best suit your climate and packed with the soil, seedlings and fertilizer he needs to get growing, your dad will love how fast and easy it is to go from zero to hero in the backyard. A bonus for forgetful dads: all gardens come with GrowPro reminders on when to water or move plants due to inclement weather. 

For the Workaholic Dad: Desktop Garden

Even the dads who can’t get enough work will appreciate a pop of green on their crowded desk. Show him you care with a Gardenuity desktop garden. It will work as hard as he does to keep on growing with very little light or water. Because, after all, what are plants if not little, like-minded pals. 

For the Pizza Connoisseur Dad: Giftable Pizza Garden

Is your dad still figuring out how to work his new mini pizza oven? Get him a garden that will be ready to go when he is. Grab a giftable version of our popular Pizza Topping Garden, and your dad will be able to choose when his plants arrive. Giftable gardens allow the giftee to time their garden to their lifestyle. When your dad’s ready to grow, he can easily request carefully-curated seedlings, customized to his unique climate, from Gardenuity at no additional cost. 

For the Bartending Dad: Cocktail Garden Sea Salt

If your dad is more of a cocktail shaker than a garden maker, he can still benefit from a touch of tangy herbs. Our Cocktail Garden Sea Salt is infused with garden-fresh rosemary, lemon, red pepper and garlic. Your dad will love adding it to the rim of his next Bloody Mary, spicy margarita or minty mojito. 

For the Barista Dad: Giftable Tea Garden

Dads who enjoy mixing up hot beverages in the morning will love our giftable tea garden. From growing steep-able plants like lemon balm and mint to infusing syrups with delightful herbal harvests, there’s no limit to the creativity he’ll find in growing.

For the Health-Conscious Dad: Giftable Salad Garden

Sweetgreen is good, but has your salad-loving dad ever grown his own lettuce? There’s nothing crisper, lighter, or more flavorful than greens cut fresh from the garden. Dad will also love the extra mental health benefits he’ll get from tending his garden each day–they’re scientifically proven!

How are you planning on celebrating your dad this year?