A Conversation With Paul Swann of Gardenuity

Meet Paul Swann! The newest member of the Gardenuity Channel Partner team.

What Is Your Role At Gardenuity?

Paul is a Corporate Partner Channel Lead at Gardenuity. This means he is on a team with Doug Platts and Matt Altman in the shared effort of introducing Gardenuity into companies across the country. Gardenuity is focused on a mission to provide a product and a service: to make gardens and gardening experiences accessible to everyone- wherever they live, work, and play. “We are bringing a fresh perspective to workplace wellness.” Paul Swann

Growing partnerships with companies nationwide, we’re having a positive effect on more and more people each and every day. Gardenuity works with leaders throughout organizations bringing garden inspired solutions that foster workplace cooperation, support mental health initiatives, Environmental, Social, and Governance programs, and health and wellness goals.

Paul hopes to share Gardenuity’s wellness practices with organizations to create a positive and impactful work environment that goes beyond a fitness membership or a complimentary massage.

As a New Hire, What Drew You In To Work At Gardenuity?

Before joining Gardenuity, Paul was in medical sales for several years. He saw Gardenuity as a growing start up that fit his personality. The team members at Gardenuity stood out to him for their work ethic and creativity. It was clear to him that something big was being created by the hard work of a few talented individuals, and he wanted to be a part of it. Gardenuity allows Paul to contribute to a company that provides a product and a service he believes in.

Favorite Gardenuity Garden?

While Paul loves all of the gardens and believes each is special in their own right, he says that the Pizza Garden and Cocktail Garden are at the top of his list. The variety of foods available through Gardenuity’s products inspires his culinary creativity. He and his wife make cocktails with the herbs out of their Cocktail Garden, and love to use it to add a little bit of pizazz when they entertain. 

An honorable mention is the Desktop Garden. Paul believes that the Desktop Garden is a great all-encompassing plant that embodies the mission of Gardenuity. Gardenuity is at the forefront of the emerging wellness market and their Desktop Garden is a great place to encourage wellness, productivity, and creativity. 

Favorite Thing About Working At Gardenuity, So Far?

Although Paul has only been on the team a short while, he already has been able to feel the supportive and mission-driven energy of his colleagues at Gardenuity. Paul was able to spend a week at the Dallas headquarters to get to know the team, the gardens, and the processes of Gardenuity. But what impressed him most was the quality of people he would be working with.

All of the employees at the company understand and embrace the mission of wellness and nature, as well as displaying the care they have about what they’re doing within the company. It is clear that Gardenuity wants their employees to understand the mission at the ground level and all that happens behind the scenes to get the gardens into the hands of the customers. 

Favorite Wellness Practice / Self-Care Routine?

Meditation is Paul’s self-care practice of choice. Every morning he goes outside for a walk and 15 minutes of meditation in nature. Walking allows him to do his best thinking, get his Vitamin D, and calm his mind to take on the day. 

Finally, a Fun Fact Speed Round…

  • Any Pets? A boxer lab mix named Lily. He rescued Lily when he and his wife started dating.
  • How did you and your wife meet? They were set up by mutual friends. Their first date was at a Mexican restaurant in San Antonio, followed by bowling. He won the bowling game. 
  • Hobbies? Reading, hiking, and journaling. The only books Paul is reading these days are baby books, as he and his wife are expecting soon!
  • Favorite Cocktail? On the rocks Margarita with Tajin rim, no salt. 
  • Favorite plant? Succulents like cactus, Paul’s family used to spend a lot of time in the hill country where he grew to appreciate the beauty of hardy plants such as cacti.
  • If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? He has traveled a lot. His family took him everywhere when he was growing up. He has been to a number of interesting places like China, Antarctica, and Egypt, but the next place on his list is Japan. 

Paul, welcome to the team!