Community Gardens Reimagined in Covid-19

Community gardens in the United States have helped to revitalize neighborhoods, build a sense of community, grow healthy food, and create a sense of togetherness.

Today, COVID-19 has made that impossible; yet the need for community has never been greater. So neighbors across the country are reimagining the community garden for today’s current reality.

Over the last several weeks, Gardenuity has been part of a growing trend where neighborhoods, apartment communities, and businesses across the country have been ordering group gardens and reinventing the community garden so that it fits with today’s social distancing rules.

How the Community Garden Works

A neighborhood (or group) point person places a bulk order for gardens. These gardens are all delivered on the same day to one location. After Gardenuity’s contactless delivery, the organizer places the garden kits at least six feet apart in their driveway, yard, or central location and arranges for the neighbors to pick up their order. They then set a time for the community growing event to begin.

“It’s inspiring to look down the street at see 10 families — each in their own yard — putting their garden together. Some have Taco gardens, others have Caprese Gardens, and many selected culinary herb or cocktail gardens to put together. These gardens will be nurtured until the day we can all bring our gardens together and celebrate. Whenever we can gather again, it will be fun to bring and share harvests.”

Cait Dunn, Neighborhood Garden Coordinator

Why a Community Garden Helps

Each Reimagined Community Garden will have a different feel, but knowing your neighbors are all growing through this challenging time together is a comfort. Since the 1890s, Americans have turned to the garden to confront hard times such as war, urban decline, environmental injustice, and economic recession.

Gardening is a proven way to fight loneliness and depression. As such, it only make sense that communities put their own mobile garden together knowing that soon these gardens will be a reason for communities to gather, share, and celebrate the “I grew that” moment.

It’s no secret that gardening touts a long list of benefits. It reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression, improves attention, lowers cortisol (the stress hormone), lowers one’s BMI, and increases the overall quality of one’s life.

“I have learned that finding little ways to bring the spiritual dimension into daily tasks has been crucial for helping my community and me get through these challenging times. Establishing a daily routine by caring for my garden has kept me grounded. Gardening allows me to have a peaceful, quiet moment — which is so important, especially now. My neighbors have made similar comments about their gardening experiences. While I miss them so much, it’s fun to have a little project we can all do from the safety of our homes but at the same time!”

-Ashley Streett

The Gardenuity Way

Many people fear picking up the hobby because of limited space, time, and knowledge; however, Gardenuity is here to change that. We know that mental health and well-being should be a top priority — especially now. We feel the emotional toll the isolation has taken on us, and we understand the fear of starting something new and not knowing where to begin. Gardenuity and our Grow Pros are here to help, encourage, and guide.

At Gardenuity, we believe that Gardening grows gratitude and true happiness. The satisfaction and sense of responsibility that comes from caring and nurturing something is priceless. We encourage everyone to use this time to take a breath, acknowledge the beauty in the world, and appreciate the gift of today.

If you’re interested in bringing a Community Garden to your neighborhood, please reach out to She will answer any questions you have and assist in helping to organize a fun gathering that inspires hope in tomorrow.

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