Celebrating Father’s Day – A Letter From The Gardenuity Team

As life begins to speed up once more, it is important to take moments to reflect on the people who are supporting you in this life. This week, we specifically want to give a shoutout to all of the father figures who help to keep life running smoothly. Now that 2020 is behind us, we can officially celebrate the dads who worked to keep us safe and sane during such a difficult year. 

As Father’s Day approaches this weekend, consider how you can express your gratitude for those who play the role of dad in your life. A phone call, a letter, a garden – all of these things express love and appreciation. Remember, at the end of the day, it is truly the thought that counts. 

Celebrate all Fathers

Regardless of traditional definitions of fatherhood, Father’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate any person in your life who lifts you up – the person who has supported you, championed your dreams, and helped to give you the tools you need for success in life. 

No matter who you are, there is someone out there who, as a father figure, deserves to be celebrated for a moment. Fatherhood does not fit into any one specific stereotype or mold; it looks different for every person and for every family. Regardless of what your situation may be, find a dad to say thank you to this weekend – you will be surprised to see that this gesture makes a huge impact on someone’s day.

From the Team

This year, our team at Gardenuity loved sharing quotes from our mothers on Mother’s Day. We wanted to keep the tradition going, and share some insights that have been passed down from our fathers. Keep reading to find some inspiration, and to see some heartwarming photos of our team members enjoying time with their dads.

Donna: “You may be little but you are fierce. Work hard, go fast, keep the faith, and be nice to your mother.”

Julie: “Be your best, no matter what you end up being…so, if you decide to be a garbage collector, then be the BEST garbage collector you can be.”

Doug: “My dad showed me that it is never too late to learn something new. After a career in the army and as an engineer, we relocated from England to Scotland. There he taught himself how to both spot value in damaged antiques and how to repair and sell them. He developed connections around the world who he would ship out to, or they would come and see his stall to purchase his restored items.”

Max: “When raising me my dad always wanted to ensure that I developed into a man of integrity. When I would say I would do something he would hold me to it and if I didn’t hold up my end of the bargain he made sure I wouldn’t forget it. He would always say, ‘Treat a man as he is, and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he could be, and he will become what he should be.’”

Ellie: “One thing I really admire about my dad and something that I feel helped shape me today was he always made friends with everyone, anywhere he went. Whether it be with a stranger sitting on a bench while he was walking by, a group of people at the table next to us at a restaurant, or someone alone at a bar, anywhere and everywhere my dad will always make friends. I think it made me grow up to strive to have lots of friends from groups all over and always treat people with kindness no matter who it is or where you are. Treat all people as if they are a new friend b/c you never know what that person is going through and if anything you could be making their day by just being a friendly and kind person, and maybe even make a new friend out of it.”

Kelly: “My dad was very big on kindness to others no matter what. And, he stressed to me and my brothers to always try to do the best you can at any task or don’t do it at all.  Half-way attempts were not acceptable.”

Tierney: “’Always trust your instincts’ and ‘you deserve the best this life has to offer’. He also taught me the important things, like how to swing a hammer and the difference between a Flathead and Phillips screwdriver.” 

Lana: “My dad taught me HARD work pays off and that I should always be striving to be better and learning something new.”

Rachael: “My dad has always encouraged me to be my most creative self – when it came to school projects we went all out. I love him so much and am extremely grateful to have him in my life.”

Grayson: “Before I went off to college my dad made sure I knew how to change a tire and basic care car. This has served me well and garnered some fun attention when I was in Atlanta with friends and the only one who could get us out of a jam by changing our own tire.”