An Interview With Our Grow Pro Lead: Cara

Cara - Gardenuity Grow Pro Lead

Meet Cara!

Cara’s role at Gardenuity is the Grow Pro Lead. When you receive your garden with Gardenuity, you automatically receive a membership to Grow Pro. She leads a growing team of people who are passionate about ensuring your growing experience is exceptional. Cara and her team answers any and all questions that may come up about the plants included in the gardens, questions regarding care, and nurture of the garden, and any other questions that arise! The best way to describe this role is “The Personal Plant Concierge”. All of the feedback is individualized and tailored to different people’s needs, gardens, and environments. “I love it when our Grow Pro team gets garden pictures from our customers, when they share the love of their gardening experience it makes our day.” Cara

Cara has been with Gardenuity for three years is part of the leadership team and works together with all of our gardeners to make sure they have the most optimal success with their garden!

At Gardenuity, we want you to succeed in your gardening experience, and Cara is the support system to allow that to happen. 

I sat down with her to ask her some questions about her favorite things, wellness practices, and any other fun facts to note. 

Favorite thing about working at Gardenuity?

Cara’s favorite thing about working at Gardenuity is seeing the small victories and impact that gardening can have on people’s lives. Since Cara is the Grow Pro Lead, she receives many messages from customers sharing the effect that a Gardenuity workshop had on their day. Many people share that an hour of talking, connecting, and gardening brought them a much-needed break from the stress of life to revel in moments of calm and peace in their life. 

Favorite wellness practice / self-care routine?

Cara’s favorite way to practice self-care is to open up a good book to read, as well as go out to her garden to harvest some fresh herbs, sprinkle them into her bathtub, and let herself relax and decompress in an herb-infused bath. 

Cara Grow Pro Lead

Favorite Gardenuity garden?

Her favorite Gardenuity garden is the Cocktail Garden. She loves to have people over and have it out for people to pick out which herbs they want to muddle in their drinks.

Finally, a Fun Fact Speed Round…

  • Any Pets? Two cats: One named Jerry (17 years old) and one named Faline (feisty, young cat).
  • Hobbies? She loves to read and is in a book club!
  • Favorite Cocktail? The Bee’s Knees.
  • Favorite plant? Cara’s favorite plant is her Fiddle Leaf Tree. This tree has some funny beginnings. Her aunt, who is a crazy plant lady (as Cara would describe her), gave her an offshoot of a clipping from HER fiddle leaf tree. Auntie handed it to Cara and said, “This is Samantha. Take care of her.” We are pleased to note that Samantha The Fiddle Leaf tree is still alive and well.
  • Fam? Cara is married to Brandon and together they have a little 8-month-old boy named Hendricks. Their favorite family activity is to go on a walk through Bishop Arts District in Dallas and enjoy a family meal at their favorite wine bar or restaurant.
Cara Gardenuity Grow Pro