Applesauce Shot Recipe

Maybe the pressure of Thanksgiving is getting to be a lot. Maybe you are hosting your friends and looking to shake things up. Or maybe you just have a really fun family. There are many reasons that you might want to take a shot on Thanksgiving. And if you’re looking for a good one, we’ve got you. 

This fall-forward shot tastes like the applesauce of your childhood with a special, grown-up twist. Cinnamon whiskey and hard apple cider pack a punch, while apple liqueur lends sweetness and flavor. The herby depth of a sprig of thyme ties everything together, making this shot your new favorite Thanksgiving tradition. 

Helpful Tips

Look in your liquor cabinet. We recommend a cinnamon whiskey in this recipe, the most popular of which is Fireball. While we really do like the spiciness this adds, you could absolutely substitute it for something that you have on hand. Bourbon would be delicious, as well as rye, apple vodka or even dark spiced rum. 

Don’t skip the shaker. We’re not in college anymore–don’t serve your guests (or yourself, really) a lukewarm shot. Take the time to shake things up, and everyone will be happier for it. A vigorous shake also helps the thyme flavor permeate throughout the concoction, a process that can’t be achieved by pouring and stirring. 

Make it a cocktail. If shots at Thanksgiving aren’t quite your jam, try serving this up as a cocktail. Follow the instructions below, but pour the finished shot over ice. Top with ginger beer or apple cider for a cute and festive beverage. 

Get creative. Garnishes are a great way to put your own original spin on this recipe. Try dipping your apple slices in cinnamon sugar, grating some fresh nutmeg over the top or rimming your shot glasses with caramel sauce. 

Applesauce Shot Recipe

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Prep time



This applesauce shot recipe is unique and perfect for events & large groups.


  • ½ oz Fireball or other cinnamon whiskey

  • ½ oz hard apple cider, preferably dry

  • ½ oz apple liqueur

  • One sprig thyme

  • Cinnamon sticks, apple slices or star anise, for garnish


  • Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add whiskey, cider, apple liquor, and thyme sprig. Shake until chilled and well combined. 
  • Strain into a large shot glass or tumbler. Garnish with cinnamon, apples, or star anise, and enjoy immediately.