5 Inspirational Women We Couldn’t Live Without

Happy International Women’s Day! This year, the theme is #BalanceforBetter. How can we create a more gender-balanced world? How can we find more balance in our own lives? To figure out how, we look towards inspirational women across the globe.

These 5 inspirational women inspire us with their ability to find balance in their own lives and gender-balance in the world through fierce ambition, generosity, and nurturing the lives of other women. Because what better way to celebrate international women’s day than by celebrating the women we admire most?

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Suzanne Droese, Founder of Droese PR

Suzanne Droese, Founder of Droese PR, leads a high-powered team of smart women who bring a fresh perspective to PR. That perspective? Keep it real and smart. Suzanne continuously shines a light on charitable issues, new products, and takes her role of mentoring young professionals very seriously. At the same time, she maintains dual roles as an attentive friend, dedicated mom and astute entrepreneur. 

Kirsten Green, Founding Partner of Forerunner Ventures

Kirsten Green, Founding Partner of Forerunner Ventures and new partner in Neighborhood Goods, has an eye for trends. We’re struck by her innate ability to bring new business ideas to consumers worldwide — and her intense drive to make consumers’ lives better. Playing in a primarily male-dominated arena, she wins daily with class, style, and roll-up-your-sleeves grit. She is also passionate about motivating other leaders and supports other women in the business with love and blatant honesty.

Lina Komanduri, Director at Crow Holdings Capital

The key to success as female entrepreneurs is to surround yourself with genius, so we pretty much jump at any chance to work with Lina. Our CEO Donna had the opportunity to meet her at a leadership event in Dallas and was immediately struck by her candor. Lina is a fearless mentor and gives impassioned but clearheaded advice. She specializes in expediting business growth and connecting personally to consumers. Every time we meet, we’re inspired by her.

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Christy Berry, Founding Partner/Dallas Compass Realty

Talk about courage. Christy helps everyone in her circle find their personal courage to succeed and delivers the best in class service at every touchpoint. Not to mention, she runs her business (and life) with incredible taste and undeniable style. Her willingness to help grow others’ dreams is a joy to witness and be the beneficiary of. Read her advice to women entrepreneurs below!

…Always keep learning — you have to. Then, figure out your downfalls and address them.

Christy Berry

Michelle Slatalla, Founder of Gardenista

There are countless women who inspire us daily through their written word, and Michelle is at the top of our list. Through Gardenista, Michelle approaches gardening with a fresh eye and continually creates impressive work. She puts you at ease the minute you meet her. Trust us, you’ll find yourself reading every word she shares (and sharing them with all your closest friends). She knows her plants, and she’s eager to share her love of growing with others.

Inspirational women are everywhere. So here’s to the lady entrepreneurs, the moms, the female scientists, the fashionistas, and our little girls. We’re grateful for these inspirational women and the way they help us find balance. What will you do to push #BalanceforBetter?

Donna Letier and Julie Eggers, our inspirational women leaders