The Gardenuity Mother’s Day Gift Round-Up

Mother's Day Gift Giver

Moms. What would we do without them?

Mothers are some of the most hardworking, influential, and oftentimes the greatest inspiration in life. Not only do moms bear children and take on a massive load of the duty of caring for a child, but they also work full-time jobs, organize the house, cook dinner for the entire family, give out hugs, are sought out for advice, and pretty much keep every single household functioning. 

Mother’s Day has actually been celebrated for centuries, and for good reason! The first origins of Mother’s Day date all the way back to ancient times, when civilizations would celebrate motherhood with rituals and festivals.

However, Mother’s Day, as we know it today, began in the 20th century when a woman named Anna Jarvis organized the first-ever Mother’s Day celebration in 1908. Following this event, the idea was spread and eventually picked up by The White House, where President Woodrow Wilson recognized it as a national holiday in 1914. 

Mothers deserve the world and more. They deserve and should be, celebrated every single day.

However, since we only have one recognized national holiday to highlight and honor all that a mother is, we figured you might as well give Mom a gift that will continue to give, just like her. 

Gardening gifts are the perfect gift to show your appreciation and love to your mom, as it emulates your gratitude for her growing you, nurturing you, and caring for you. A gardening gift will also be a more symbolic gift of thanks every single day that she cares for it as it continues to grow, bloom, and reap bountiful harvests. 

Gardenuity has the gifts for every type of mom through our gardening gifts and experiences. Check out the list below to find the perfect gift for the perfect mom!

  • The Mom Garden: The Mom Garden is the perfect accessory for a mom who loves to cook, spend time outside, and have beautiful herbs surrounding the patio. Moms do so much for so many people – girl bossing, taking care of kids, and keeping everything running smoothly. It is time for all of our moms to let nature nurture them. 
  • Amaryllis Bulb with Personalized Tag: This is the gift for the mom that loves flowers and beauty but maybe is less inclined to spend time watering, weeding, and gardening. Choose from multiple springy colors and add a tag to remind your mom who her favorite child is…
  • Garden Sea Salts: Raise your hand if your mom is the best cook! If your answer is yes, give your mama the gift that will keep on giving in the kitchen (and in your belly…). These garden sea salts add an herbaceous vibrancy to any meal, are made with pure and natural ingredients, including an all-natural sea salt base, and are made exclusively for Gardenuity. 

Let’s hear it for the moms!