The Perfect Hostess Gift Guide 2021

It’s like mom always said: you should never show up to a house empty-handed! 

This time of year, when parties and gatherings abound, it can feel daunting to pick out a gift for every hostess or host. Luckily, Gardenuity has got you covered. Our festive variety of gifts and gardens has something to please both friends you know and anyone you meet this holiday season. 

Check out our gift guide below, then shop online and in-store this December!

For the Grower: Holiday Bowl of Amaryllis Blooms ($129)

Hostess Gift Guide

Every holiday table needs a centerpiece, here’s nothing more spectacular than a holiday amaryllis. Our Holiday Bowl contains two bulbs raised at a family farm in South Africa. The magnificent Alfresco amaryllis flowers that blossom will truly take your breath away. This gift is perfect for the friend who loves to grow all year round. 

For the Newbie: Red Waxed Amaryllis Bulb ($21)

Red Waxed Amaryllis Bulb

For the less experienced gardener, our waxed amaryllis bulbs are a must. They are guaranteed to grow without planting or watering, perfect for the forgetful grower! Each bulb produces between eight and twelve flowers. Stock up for not just your hostesses but also your coworkers, colleagues, and acquaintances.

For the Foodie: Giftable Pizza Garden ($76)

Pizza Garden Party

Headed to your most discerning friend’s house? He or she will love our Pizza Garden. With everything you need to grow amazing herbs like oregano, basil, parsley, and marjoram, this garden will elevate even take out to a gourmet, garden-to-table experience. 

For the Bartender: Cocktail Garden Sea Salt ($12)

Bartender Gift - Cocktail Sea Salt

Shake things up with cocktail garden sea salt! Packed with unexpected flavors such as red pepper, garlic and rosemary, your drink-making friend will love the tangy punch it brings to margaritas, bloody marys and other specialty cocktails. 

For the Chef: Herb Mincing Scissors ($12)

Herb Mincing Scissors

Give your cooking friend a break in the kitchen with our nifty herb mincing scissors. Instead of slicing for days, chefs can easily chiffonade their favorite herbs with only a snip, freeing up time to enjoy precious moments with their guests. 

For the Workaholic: Desktop Fern Garden ($57)

Desktop Garden

Even our busiest friends should enjoy a pop of green in their days. Our desktop gardens provide enough life and freshness to invigorate even the dreariest of cubicles. And, bonus: having plants on your desk has been scientifically proven to boost productivity during the workday! 

Excited to pick up one of these gifts before your next event? Shop online or swing by Gardenuity Headquarters to shop in-person today!