Personalized Grow Bags & Gardens

You can customize everything these days, from the shoes on your feet to the ingredients that you eat. You should be able to customize your garden, too, right? Good news: things just got (even more!) personal. 

Gardenuity is thrilled to introduce the Personalized Grow Bags, just in time for the 2021 holiday season. And with the ability to customize the outside of your grow bag, there’s never been a better way to say, “I’ve been thinking of you.” Add up to 10 personalized characters, and let everyone know that they are looking at “Grandpa Garden,” “Jen’s Herbs” or “Mike’s Mojito Garden.” 

Due to overwhelming customer requests, personalized grow bags will be part of our giftable garden collections. The gift recipient will receive a complete garden kit, delivered to his or her home. When they are ready to grow, they may redeem their fully-rooted plant collection via a QR code included in the garden kit. Personalized Grow Bags ship in three weeks.

Order your personalized garden kit today!


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