Garden-Inspired Cocktails

Halloween Cocktails & Mocktail Recipes

As the shadows lengthen and the crisp autumn air sets in, there’s an eerie excitement that can only mean one thing – Halloween is creeping around the corner! This spine-chilling season calls for more than just costumes and haunted houses; it beckons the mixologist in you to concoct potions that are as enchanting as they are delicious. Enter the realm of Halloween Mocktails and Cocktails, where cauldrons bubble with creativity and glasses brim with spooky spectacles.

From bewitching mocktails that cater to all ages to spine-tingling cocktails that are strictly for grown-up ghouls, this guide is your passport to a spirited celebration. Picture vibrant hues, mysterious mists, and flavors that dance between sweet and sinister. Whether you’re hosting a monster mash or a more intimate gathering, these libations are the perfect companions to the flickering candlelight and ghostly laughter that defines All Hallows’ Eve.

So, don your witches’ hats, summon your inner mixologist, and join us on a journey through a cauldron of Halloween-inspired mocktails and cocktails. It’s time to raise your glasses to a night of frightful fun, where every sip is a spellbinding experience! 

Halloween Cocktails: 

  1. Pumpkin Cocktail with Fresh Rosemary by Gardenuity: You just found the Great Pumpkin with a truly GREAT cocktail. Give your Halloween night a pop of color and some festive cheer that can carry you through Thanksgiving.
  2. Haunted Graveyard by Sprinkles and Sprouts: Meet the perfect drink for your Halloween party. The combination of bourbon, maple, and rosemary adds some warmth and spooky fun to your lips!
  3. Tipsy Witch Cocktail by Tasting Table: Brew up an enchanting elixir with this Tipsy Witch Cocktail. It is sweet, smoky, and decadent, with a deep purple/black color to add the spirit of the season to your drink.
  4. Cynar Negroni Cocktail by Gastronom: Your Negroni takes on a twist of fate in this cocktail recipe. Cynar adds the dark midnight color to make your cocktail truly spooky…
  5. The Witching Hour by Epicurious: This magical cocktail gives you powers all throughout the night. Take things up a notch by burning sage to give this drink a smoky, herbaceous finish.

Halloween Mocktails: 

  1. Hocus Pocus Punch by How Sweet Eats: The fall drink that everyone can enjoy while watching their favorite witchy women. Pro Tip: Add some herbs to elevate this mocktail even more!
  2. Purple People Eater by Three Olives Branch: Add a punch of purple to your Halloween sips with this easy mocktail (or cocktail!) Ping-pong balls for eyes are the garnish that takes this drink to a whole new level of spooky…
  3. The Halloween Mocktail by Mitten Girl: Who doesn’t love a spooky drink on Halloween? This is the ultimate mocktail with good-for-you ingredients to bring some treats instead of a trick!
  4. Vampire’s Kiss Mocktail by Num’s the Word: If you need a Halloween-themed drink for the whole family, look no further than this Vampire’s Kiss Mocktail! Who says that you can’t play with your food?
  5. Hocus Pocus Blueberry Blackberry Mocktail by Orchids and Sweet Tea: This Hocus Pocus Blueberry Blackberry Mocktail is just the drink to serve at your Halloween party this year. It has a spooky black color but a sweet, non-alcoholic flavor that everyone will love.

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