Gardenuity Staffers Pick Their Favorite Garden of the Spring Season

April’s arrival brings a fresh tempo. Winter will soon be firmly behind us and the road to summer lies ahead, packed with patio parties, gatherings on the balcony, and time spent enjoying the sunshine. 

We asked the team at Gardenuity what their favorite garden was this season-

Julie Eggers- Salsa Garden “Because everything is better with salsa and Gardenuity makes growing peppers and tomatoes simple.”

Anglica Griffith –  Mint Garden “I love the smell of fresh mint on my patio”

Grayson Gale – Homegrown Garden “Everything is better when it is homegrown.”

Rachel Gaskell – Brunch Garden “I love brunch!”

Matt Altman- Brunch Garden “Brunch is my favorite meal of the day so naturally the brunch garden.”

Paul Swann- Kitchen Garden “Creativity grows in the kitchen.”

Doug Platts- Kitchen Garden “Good things always happen in the kitchen.”

Donna Letier – My First Garden “Everyone loves their first time.”

Kelly Waterman- Cocktail Garden “Cheers to the new season and gathering with family and friends.”

Alyssa Moore- Brunch Garden “The perfect addition to the brunch buffet.”

Cara Kershner – Growing For Good ”Because growing is always a good thing.”

Ellie Lemak – Cocktail Garden “Cheers to great flavors and good times.”

Madii LeFerney – Dog Garden “Everything is better when the dog is involved.”

We tend to focus on eating and growing seasonally- so when we asked members of the Gardenuity team for their favorite patio garden, the gardens they choose were fun and matched how they were looking forward to the warmer days ahead.

So from cocktail gardens to kitchen gardens, this all star list is something of a road map to your best patio garden season yet.

Let this serve as your invitation and inspiration to get growing and enjoying the benefits of having fresh harvests part of your spring and summer.


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