Gardenuity Employee Spotlight – Angelica

Meet Angelica!

Angelica is the Office Manager and Woman of Many Hats at Gardenuity. Her day-to-day at Gardenuity includes preparing and prepping for the behind-the-scenes digital and virtual corporate workshops. In addition, she makes sure the gardens in the grow room / show room are growing and thriving by watering, pruning, and light exposing. She is the woman who answers the phone for business inquiries or customer questions, and she also helps with the sales of our gardening gifts when a customer comes to Gardenuity in person. I sat down with her to ask her some questions about her favorite things, wellness practices, and any fun facts. Check it out. 

What did you do for work before Gardenuity?

In the spirit of the woman who wears many hats, Angelica did a little bit of everything before starting to work at Gardenuity. To start, she worked in the medical field as a family practice and pediatric medical assistant. From there, she moved into education and became a teaching assistant. After that, it was back home to raise the kids (and teach them, too!), as she homeschooled her kiddos for 10 years. Once her kids rejoined public school, she went to work at an attorney’s office, where she was connected with our co-founder,  Julie Eggers, and the next thing she knew, Angelica was growing at Gardenuity!

What initially drew you to work at Gardenuity?

Gardenuity was a company that stuck out to Angelica because of all of the ways gardening becomes so healthy for you. She loved that gardening promotes physical activity, eating well, and enjoying a harvest of fresh fruit and vegetables. Since she is a super healthy eater, raised as a vegetarian in California, growing whole foods is right up her alley, and she knew it was a mission she could get on board with. 

Favorite wellness practice / self-care routine?

Angelica is a Christian, so her biggest wellness practice involves going to church to reconnect with her faith and strengthen her mental health. She enjoys meditating on the scriptures that stick out to her in the bible, as it helps her broaden her perspective and love others better. 

Fav Garden and Why?

Angelica’s favorite garden is the Pizza Garden because she is half Italian and, therefore, loves Italian food. She enjoys using fresh oregano and basil from her garden in homemade pizza creations and spaghetti, as well. 

What is your favorite thing about working at Gardenuity?

The people are Angelica’s favorite thing about working at Gardenuity. All of the employees, including the founders of the company, are engaged, enthusiastic, and eager to spread the message of their company.  Donna and the team truly care about spreading the lessons and joy of gardening to everyone.

Finally, a Fun Fact Speed Round…

Where are you from originally? Johnson Valley, California to South Florida to Dallas, Texas

School? Daytona Community College where she studies to become a Registered Nurse / Medical Assistant

Do you have a pet? Half chihuahua / half dachshund named Nacho

Kids? Boy and Girl (10th and 12th grade) at JJ Pearce High School

Any nicknames? Her family calls her Angie

Favorite Cocktail? Skip the cocktail. A glass of Sauvignon Blanc, please!

Favorite plant? Wildflowers – she grew up around them in the deserts of California, and they would cover the ground without any human aid

Favorite food? Vegetarian, no more! Angelica will take the “Center Cut Filet Mignon” and anything made from potatoes  

Favorite thing to do besides gardening? Bike riding, spending time with family and friends, traveling to visit fam in Florida, hanging out at the beach 

Katie Yeager

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