The 2023 Father’s Day Gift Guide – The Gifts That Keep On Giving

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s time to celebrate those incredible human beings we call dads. You know, those everyday superheroes who effortlessly rock the dad bod and always manage to keep their dad jokes on point.

From mastering the art of grilling burgers to magically fixing any household gadget, dads have an uncanny ability to make the impossible seem like a walk in the park. They’re the ones who can turn a boring family road trip into an epic adventure, armed with an arsenal of snacks and the perfect playlist. And let’s not forget their superhuman talent for assembling IKEA furniture without batting an eye. 

Dads are the ultimate cheerleaders, encouraging us to chase our dreams even when we doubt ourselves. They’re there for every little league game, dance recital, and science fair project, beaming with pride as we conquer the world one milestone at a time. They offer financial advice (even if we don’t always listen) and lend a helping hand when life throws us curveballs.

This Father’s Day, it’s time to repay Dad’s love, support, and quirky sense of humor with some mindful and intentional gifts that will make bring some goodness and greenery into their lives. 

Gardening gifts are the perfect gift to show your appreciation and love to your dad, as gardening serves as an example of the love, care, and nurturing your dad has offered to you throughout your growth. A gardening gift will also be a more symbolic gift of thanks every single day that encourages continuous care and thought as it continues to grow, bloom, and reap bountiful harvests. 

Gardenuity has the gifts for every type of dad through our gardening gifts and experiences. Check out the list below to find the coolest gift for the coolest dad! Every garden will ship with peppers and seasonal herbs and a gift with purchase, which is stainless steel gardening shovel engraved with “thanks for always rootin’ for me.” 

  • The Dad Garden: Dads come in all shapes and sizes, there are pizza dads, taco dads, cocktail dads, and salad dads, to name a few of the many kinds of dads.  Dads grow great things, including great kids, so what better gift to give than the experience of gardening? The Gardenuity Dad’s Garden comes with a fully rooted seasonal plant collection and a customized garden kit that can ship to you or directly to your dad. This year is the perfect year to remind Dad how much he has helped you grow. The new “Dad’s Garden” kit is quick to set up, comes with a fully rooted plant collection, and will offer Dad a season of fresh flavors.
  • The Super Hero Garden: Superheroes are all around us, and one thing they all have in common is that they don’t wait for something to happen to make a difference. Dads are some of the most iconic superheroes in our lives. Dads go out of their way to help others, have the strength to tackle any challenge, and never give up. Let Dad continue to be a superhero by giving him garden-fresh veggies to care for and consume!
  • The Some Like It Hot Garden: No one keeps it spicier than dads! Give Dad the chance to flare up his acid reflux and make jokes about growing peppers with the “Some Like it Hot Garden.” Growing peppers is rewarding, easy, and fun, and is a great way for Daddio to add some heat to his favorite burgers, salsas, or tacos. From jalapeno and Shishito peppers to hot Tabasco pepper plants, Dad will have plenty of opportunities to add a little spice.

Grow greatness with Dad!

Katie Yeager

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